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At Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, we don’t follow illustration trends…we create them! Our affinity for choosing only the very finest illustrators has gained us an exceptional reputation over the past two decades.

We’ve been representing the hottest illustrators – both established and up-and-coming – from all over the world since 1996. Publishers, advertisers, editors, designers, and art directors come to us for exceptional, personalized service at all levels. From advertising to editorials and publishing to design, our illustrators create the highest quality, most stylish work in the business for clients who expect nothing but the best.

For a taste of what our illustrators have to offer, browse through our News and Illustrators pages, and you’ll see a wide range of talent and skill across a variety of genres and styles.

When you choose us for your commissioned illustrations, you’ll receive attentive, personalized services, and you’ll be guaranteed to get the very best artwork, on time and on budget. Looking for fantasy or fashion? Pop art or photorealistic paintings? From contemporary styles and business motifs to comics and satire, our illustrators cover every aspect of illustration.

We are passionate about representing the finest talent in the world and catering to the most discriminating clientele. If you need the very best commissioned illustration for your next project, choose Anna Goodson.

Stay Up to Date

And, to help our clients stay up to date on the latest from the top illustrators in the industry, we offer a free, exclusive weekly newsletter with featured illustrators, as well as articles and information on the latest from our illustrators, and more. Peruse illustration styles and concepts, including cartoons and comic illustrations, retro stylings, fashion illustrations and storyboarding, collages and montages, animation, and much more. Our next featured illustrator could create your next hit illustration.

An International Talent Pool

Unlike a lot of agencies, we don’t limit ourselves to local or regional talent. When we say we represent the best illustrators in the world, we mean the whole world! Illustration is our passion, and we are dedicated to facilitating all of our clients’ needs and wants.

For more information or to commission your next illustration, email us at or phone 514.482.0488

Looking for Representation?

Are you a talented illustrator? Is your work original and stylish? Can it stand up next to the best illustrations in the business? Then we want to represent you. Send us an email with a link to your portfolio at

Due to the high volume of requests we receive on a daily basis and the limited hours in the day, we’re sad to say we’ll only be able to contact you if we are interested in taking you on.