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Featured Artist – Gentleman Draughtsman

Artwork by Gentleman Draughtsman

How and when did you know that you wanted to become an illustrator?
As a child I drew all over the side of the family car with a sharp object because I thought I could make it look better… Big repercussions but I’ve never looked back!

What is your earliest memory of creating art? (or drawing as a child)
Aged 6, drawing a picture of Buckingham Palace for the Queens Jubilee and winning first prize in our street.

What type of environment do you prefer to work in? At home or in a studio? Listening to music?
I worked as a draughtsman in a huge space with 200 other people all standing at A0 sized cast iron drawings boards, quite a beautiful sight. Currently I work at home – I enjoy both.

As a working illustrator, do you still find time to create art for yourself?
I attend life drawing classes every week.

What type of transition needs to be made between creating art for yourself and creating art that is commissioned?
Both need to be aesthetically pleasing but striking a balance between concept and style is usually tougher for commissioned work.

What accomplishment so far in your life stands out as most important?
Aged 6, drawing a picture of Buckingham Palace for the Queens Jubilee and winning first prize in our street.

Who was the first illustrator that you noticed and admired?
Not specifically an individual but I think some of the 1950’s / 60’s magazines such as Architectural Review and Domus contained fantastic illustrations, not only the artist impressions of cityscapes but also the advertising too.

What is your favourite way to get out of a creative block?
I go for a run.

Is there any one publication that you still have aspirations to see yourself in?
When I first started out as an illustrator I worked in New York, just off Times Sq. My window was many floors up and I looked down upon the foundations of what would become the new New York Times building. I used to watch them build it day by day and remember vividly my desire to feature in their publications when they move in. Still waiting.

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News published at 10:55 am, Monday, December 10th, 2012

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