Where do you draw your inspiration?
As I always say, I get inspiration from what I don’t understand, what I don’t know, what I don’t know how to do, what I am not.

What type of environment do you prefer to work in? At home or in a studio? Listening to music?
I love to work in my studio and share working life with other designers and illustrators. Every morning I love to ride for 20 minutes from home to get to this place and yes! I always listen music when I’m working.

As a working illustrator, do you still find time to create art for yourself?
Completely, it is something I need to do constantly. I need to take my mind to those basic and deep places where the only thing I need to do, apart from drawing, is to think of nothing.

What type of artwork do you have hanging in your home?
I’m lucky enough to share life with a sculptor who loves lots of different artists, so in our home you can find pieces from Marc Sparfel, Josep Riera i Arago, Sasow, Valerio Adami, Arman and Albert Ruiz-Villar, among others.

Who was the first illustrator that you noticed and admired?
Alen Lauzan, a Cuban illustrator based in Santiago de Chile.

What is your favorite way to get out of a creative block?
Hang out with a friend and talk about life and every single topic that has nothing to do with work.

What magazines do you personally read?
I’m subscribed to four different magazines; The Clinic, Yorokobu, Mongolia and the Spanish AD. I also love Orsai and Lamono Mag.