Motion Graphics & Animation

Nata Metlukh

Nata Metlukh is a San Francisco based illustrator. She was born and raised in Ukraine, where studied applied mathematics, graphic arts and painting. Art prevailed and Nata started her career as graphic and web designer.

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Katy Lemay

Katy developed an overwhelming passion for illustration while completing her Bachelor of Graphic Design at the University of Quebec in Montreal. It was also during that time that Katy created her unique style.

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Andy Potts

Andy’s style is an energetic fusion of traditional and new techniques. His versatility has kept the commissions coming in, ranging from advertising, book covers and editorial spots for international newspapers and magazines.

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Grems’ began his illustrator career when he was a small child. He preferred to draw , rather than learn about life from the kings of France. After 6 years in parisian Art Schools, Grems started his career as an art director working for several of the countries top advertising agencies.

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Frank Flöthmann

Frank Flöthmann wanted to be a comic artist since age 11. Frank is best known for his award winning animation series PINGPONG and EIN MANN, KEIN WORT, a monthly comic strip for german Men’s Health magazine.

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Lino’s pre­oc­cu­pa­tion with human na­ture has earned him ac­co­lades across Québec, Cana­da, Eu­rope and the Unit­ed States. He also teach­es il­lus­tra­tion at LAVAL Uni­ver­si­ty in Québec City and works as a scenog­ra­pher with sev­er­al rep­utable The­atre com­pa­nies

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Jojo Ensslin

Ever since he was a child, Jojo loved to draw and to cre­ate. Now, being able to make a liv­ing out of il­lus­tra­tion and an­i­ma­tion, he is happy as a child. He lives and works in Düssel­dorf/Ger­many where he and some friends were man­ag­ing a small art gallery for 7 years.

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