Andrea Ucini / “The sinking state” for The Washington Post

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Andrea Ucini’s illustration of the sinking central Pacific nation of Kiribati for The Washington Post.

According to the Post article by Joshua Keating, Kiribati has few claims to fame. Its flag-bearer at two past summer Olympics won international attention for his dancing.

The country, known under British colonial rule as the Gilbert Islands (the name Kiribati is a local transliteration of “Gilberts”), consists of 33 islands spread over more than 1.3 million square miles. Kiribati is one of the world’s largest nations by sea area though one of the smallest when measured by land mass.

This island nation is now getting attention for its impending doom. Kiribati may be one of the first countries to be wiped out by the effects of climate change as it slowly sinks into the ocean.

Ucini’s illustration of residents seeking higher ground on the rooftops of their homes tells the story. Art director for this piece was Chris Rukan.

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