Angelo Dolojan / California Almonds Advertorial / The New York Times

Angelo Dolojan

Angelo Dolojan  was commissioned this illustration for an advertorial article by California Almonds, directed by T Brand Studio – the advertising branch of The New York Times. Published on May 29, 2022

The article talks mainly about Almonds and what it can teach us about food waste. It explains the innovative approaches to almond cultivation that provides sustainability lessons for the food industry at large.

The goal of the illustration was to bring the focus on key moments and processes within sustainable farming. The organic and sketchable style of the illustrations complement the selection of high quality photography. The voice of the illustration in this loose-style offers a tangible perception of this organic and human-focused approach that was uncovered from the editorial.

I really wanted to highlight the humanistic approach of the text and also showcase the idea of the almond, how this yummy ingredient that is often found in our granola or cereal derives from such a careful and innovative journey. I wanted the reader to feel the texture of the almond itself by conveying it through the brush strokes I used but also paired with hard fine lines to create a weighted feel that matched the impact of the text.

Art Director: Nicholas Berger
Client: The New York Times, T Brand Studio, California Almonds