Anna Goodson shares her insight and vision in this recent podcast

Can an artist agency help your career?

In this week’s interview, we talk to illustration agency owner, Anna Goodson.

Since setting up in 1996 with a tiny budget, no clients (but stacks of ambition), Anna Goodson Illustration Agency has now grown to be one of Canada and North America’s most respected creative houses.

And, over the years, she’s helped artists go from obscurity into the pages of The New Yorker and the homes of famous pop stars.

So, is getting an agent the right move for you as an artist? Check out this week’s interview to find out…

How an Artist Agency can Help Your Career

“I think what’s really important is to work on a style that makes you happy. I think you have to create artwork or work in a style that you get really excited about.”

~ Anna Goodson.