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About Nathalie Dion

Nathalie Dion knew at a young age she wanted to live the artist’s life. She remembers the poor quality of her first art supplies: No name's crayons and lots of cheap colored pencils. Dion, who studied fine arts in college and design arts at university, eventually switched to Prismacolor pencils and Pelican gouache, and today, her free-spirited, narrative illustrations grace the pages of books, magazines, and newspapers worldwide.

Dion lets her nomadic side emerge each spring when she sets up shop in her caravan. In the winter months, she’s a Montreal-based illustrator.

Art directors relish her sense of humor, and her sometimes modern, and at other times, retro touch. She likes to work with pattern on surface and creates hand-made and computer-generated pattern which she stores in a pattern bank.

Dion’s delicate and whimsical illustration style has won her fans around the world.