The art of illustrating headlines

We’ve all seen illustrations that deliver the news in a way that a headline can’t. Though headlines might grab our attention with the latest financial crisis, the threat of war, news on climate change, technology challenging privacy, immigration, jobs, or the economy, staying current by reading the news isn’t enough. Like you, our illustrators read […]

We’re setting illustration trends

Illustration / Nick Ogonosky Let me tell you how we set illustration trends at Anna Goodson Illustration Agency. Though none of us has a crystal ball, having your finger on the pulse of what’s next is all about being a keen observer of life.  That means looking and listening to everything around you and using […]

Conceptual illustration: When the idea counts

The idea counts more than the method when talking about conceptual illustration.  The concept is what catches your attention first, though the way it’s drawn matters too. Every one of our illustrators has a unique way of conceptualizing to come up with the remarkable visual ideas I see from them every day.  Some illustrators start […]

A look at diversity in illustration

When I reflect on our international team of illustrators from the U.S., Europe, South America, Asia, and here in Canada, I’m so proud of the multi-cultural perspective they bring to Anna Goodson Illustration Agency. With illustration that expresses inclusive viewpoints, without discrimination based upon gender, religion, sexual preference, or size, they portray populations that reflect […]

Children’s book illustration: We’re all children at heart

Children express such delight and excitement at seeing friends, new and long-loved, in the books we pull from our shelves each night at bedtime to send them off to sleep. There’s not much that compares to reading a treasured, illustrated children’s book while your child, oohs and ahhs, as you turn each page. Their squeals and […]

When ad campaigns feature illustration

It’s so refreshing to see a brand defined or supported by an illustration.  When I think of ad campaigns that employ illustration, I’m blown away by how illustration makes a brand stand out.  An illustration, in an ad, or on a label, can put a brand on the map and draw in their demographic in […]

Beyond words: A closer look at editorial illustration

Original, editorial illustration is everywhere these days from the covers of magazines to the front pages of leading news sources around the globe. Crafting an illustration that accompanies an article or news feature–to reveal its content at a glance–is all about taking a concept and making it visual. I’m seeing a renaissance, of sorts, in […]

Illustration in an ever-changing political world

Tackling social issues and political questions is left to illustrators with the courage and the artistry to tell it like it is.  Interest in political illustration and illustration that focuses on social issues is on the rise. Maybe it’s the ever-increasing political climate we find ourselves in today–with its fierce rivalries and new alignments–that’s spurred […]

Illustration takes a giant leap forward

Illustration/Pablo Lobato No wonder illustration is gaining in popularity. Readers respond to illustration. I rarely read an online newspaper or magazine that doesn’t feature illustration on many of its pages. Some of the most read, and shared, stories feature illustrations. Maybe it’s because a great illustration stays with you. Illustration/Michelle Thompson Artwork on a page […]

GIFS: Delivering dynamic visual content…in seconds/GIF Juan Casal

GIF/Martin Tognola From a pair of dancing shoes to a surprise package that shimmies, I see GIFS everywhere on the web. These small, animated image files boost traffic to a site because, after all, we love things that move, right? Whether designed to increase the wow factor of an ad or to bolster readership for […]

Be original! The art of illustration

Illustration/Toulouse-Lautrec When the Moulin Rouge cabaret opened in fin-de-siècle Paris, artist, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, a frequent guest at the nightclubs of Paris, was commissioned to create a series of posters for the cabaret. His posters captured the effervescence of the Paris cabaret’s nightlife in vibrant color with rich blacks and hand-drawn lettering. Toulouse-Lautrec’s graphic style, […]

Why art matters

We believe that artists are visionaries, social critics, lovers of beauty, seekers of truth. Ask any artist what compels them to make art. It starts with observation or imagination. Most of all, it takes courage to create. Artists are inspired, driven, obsessed with expression. They explore the mysteries of life. They have stories to tell; […]