Guille Manchado / An interview with Guille Manchado

Guille Manchado was interviewed by Ballpit magazine, a publication dedicated to featuring interviews with well-respected artists.  The magazine is known for searching out artists of note. Manchado’s illustration of a man lifting a brick wall to see what’s behind it is an apt image to shine a light on what exactly is behind an artist’s work.    

Laura Perez / “Little Roxie” selected for 2018 CA Illustration Annual

Laura Perez’s illustration, “Little Roxie,” has been selected to appear in the 2018 Communication Arts Illustration Annual. Perez’s moody image of a young woman listening to her smartphone in the entryway of a local cinema done in greens, black, red and ochre, creates a strong sense of place.  

Super cool Skype Interview with Spanish journalist

Anna was recently interviewed by Encar Ferrando, a journalist of regional valencian community TV named ‘À Punt Mèdia’ They are shooting a documentary on successful international illustrators and asked her to take part and talk about one of  her amazing Spanish illustrators, Laura Pérez. “Too bad I  can’t speak Spanish, all my answers will have […]

International Illustrators Willing to Work for FREE

In February, the month of LOVE, we’re sharing our LOVE: for illustration. Anna Goodson Illustration Agency’s (AGIA) 8th annual International Illustrators willing to work for Free is an opportunity for non-profits and charities to commission original illustration for free. “Our illustrators are willing to work for free this month to support the good works of […]

Anna Goodson Illustration Agency’s 2018 Christmas Coasters collection celebrates love and the power of art

Anna Goodson Illustration Agency (AGIA), an international illustration agency representing top illustrators worldwide, announces the release of its Christmas Coasters collection celebrating love and the power of art. This is the 16th year AGIA celebrates the holidays with a thank-you gift to clients and friends of the illustration agency, here and around the world, since its […]

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