We’re thrilled to welcome Cinta Arribas to our Gang!

Based in Madrid, Cinta Arribas had created illustrations for a number of children’s books. Her work is colorful and expressive; it plays with a subtle sense of humor that highlights the fact that life should always be a little fun. Her pieces are delicate scenes in which everyday life is combined with irreverence to create […]

Stephanie Wunderlich / Challenges of working from home

Stephanie Wunderlich illustrates a double-page spread on the challenges of working from a home office for the current issue of Wirtschaftswoche, a German business magazine. In her lively block color and flat pattern image, Wunderlich shows how children playing, the dog, and clothing hanging to dry are just some the distractions faced by people working from home. The article suggests that […]

Andrea Ucini / Zika’s costly sting

Andrea Ucini created a cover illustration for Carey Business magazine on Zika virus. Carey Business is a publication of Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University. Zika virus, a mosquito-borne flavivirus identified in Uganda in 1947 in monkeys, was discovered through a network that monitored yellow fever. Identified in humans in 1952 in Uganda and the […]

Isabelle Cardinal / Identity politics for the Chronicle Review

Isabelle Cardinal recently completed a cover illustration for The Chronicle of Higher Education for an article entitled, “When Students See Only Themselves.” The article discusses how identity politics is fracturing society. Cardinal’s illustration of a shattered hand mirror depicts the subject simply and powerfully.

Andy Potts / 3D illustrations of Scorch and Fi

Andy Potts experimentation with 3-D imagery continues with two unique sci-fi illustrations of a head within an abstract scene. The first, entitled Scorch, shows tactile paint textures and dramatic lighting to match a hot palette. The second, entitled Fi, cools down the palette with glass-like effects on black from reflections of luminous objects in a […]

Andrea Ucini / How depression affects family life

Andrea Ucini points out that depression isn’t just a medical condition, it’s a family matter in his illustration of a young boy playing catch alone while the shadow of his father appears through a window. The behavior and mood of a depressed person affects the whole family, according to Ucini, who says that the irritability associated with […]

Audrey Malo / In search of lost time

Audrey Malo illustrates an excerpt from Marcel Proust’s, “In Search of Lost Time,” in her conceptual illustrations of being lost in sleep. Proust describes in his book, “In Search of Lost Time,” what it feels like to wake in the middle of the night not knowing exactly where you are or even if you’re in your body. […]

Andrea Ucini / Try smiling instead of Prozac

If you’d like to feel happier, Andrea Ucini suggests eating seaweed, finding a new hairstyle, sending fewer emails, going dancing and spending less money. Ucini says these pursuits are superior to popping pills. These keys to happiness, says Ucini, are according to Italy’s most eminent scientists.  Ucini’s illustration of a man in darkness looking up and lit by a sliver of […]

Roberto Cigna / Protecting data for Lexpert magazine

Roberto Cigna was asked by Lexpert magazine to illustrate an article for its November/December issue on how Europe’s general data protection regulation will become the new standard for Canadian companies. The article, by Brian Burton, suggests that major Canadian corporations will face new costs associated with the higher standards of privacy required when handling data. Cigna’s editorial illustration, of someone […]

Eva Tatcheva / Illustrating data analysis for Lexpert magazine

Eva Tatcheva, a regular contributor to Lexpert magazine, recently created a full-page illustration depicting data and data analysis. Tatcheva showed the impact of data on law firms and lawyers in her dynamic blue-toned image of an attorney analyzing infographics on a transparent screen.

Nicolas Gremaud / Chris Rock for D magazine

Nicolas Gremaud created this portrait of Chris Rock for D magazine, a publication about news in and around Dallas, Texas. Gremaud captured Rock’s likeness and his signature smile in his pen and ink illustration.

Sebastien Thibault / Abortion in Italy for The New York Times

Sébastien Thibault recently illustrated a feature on abortion in Italy for The New York Times.  The article focuses on how the right to an abortion is affected by religious conscientious objectors. Many clinics today in Italy are Catholic and refuse to provide information or basic services to women seeking an abortion. Thibault shows a woman facing […]

Roberto Cigna / Violence against women and girls

Roberto Cigna highlights the fact that violence against women and girls is a grave violation of human rights in his powerful illustration of a woman dwarfed by the size of the man walking behind her. Cigna points to statistics that show estimates published by the World Health Organization indicating that roughly 35% of women worldwide have experienced […]

La Pompadour / Opening title for web program

La Pompadour was commissioned by Umanis Data to create the opening title for a web program entitled, “La Minute du Dr. Siuman.” View La Pompadour’s zany title design with robotic action and techno audio.      

Jennifer Tapias Derch / Baroque portraits revisited

Jennifer Tapias Derch, inspired by classic Baroque portraits, created this “Illustrated Portraits” series of dames and dukes of old revisited. Tapias Derch presents a new approach to the drama of the Baroque portrait in her fun, colorful, 21st century version of this classic genre.

Alexis Bukowski / Music festival poster for Sofar Sounds

Alexis Bukowski created an illustration for Sofar Sounds, a music festival taking place in Barcelona. Bukowski’s hip poster of a woman leaning out her apartment window at night, where below, a clothesline is hung with t-shirts showing the names of bands, depicts the cool groove of the festival line-up.

Audrey Malo / Plastic Barbie dolls and shopping bags

Audrey Malo chose the theme of “plastic” for personal work she presents as a recent addition to her portfolio. Take a look at Malo’s memories of the 90s, of plastic Barbie dolls and shopping bags, and the color block palette she used. The illustrator shares impressions from her childhood.  

Roberto Cigna / On educating preschool teachers for The Washington Post

Roberto Cigna created an illustration for The Washington Post’s education issue on educational requirements for preschool teachers. The article, “Will a college degree lead to better, more respected, preschool teachers,” by Lia Kvatum, discusses the impact of having a college degree on pre-school teachers. Cigna’s illustration features a young teacher balancing the need to be attentive to her […]

Joe Anderson / An insider’s look at Brexit

Joe Anderson created an illustration for the Financial Times on how Brexit has led to a split in the UK. “The debate is more like a brawl between right and wrong, guilty and not guilty, and often, between London and the rest of the country,” notes author and comic, Shazia Mirza. The article on comedy in […]

Andy Potts / An Electrifying Prospect?

Andy Potts created two illustrations for the UK’s Boundless magazine for an article on the future of electric cars entitled, “An Electrifying Prospect?” Potts’ assignment was to create a dynamic composition within an urban environment using a selection of the cars mentioned in the feature.  His blue-green rendering of electric cars depicts the subject well.

Juan Casal / Colorful characters

Juan Casal’s characters are colorful, zany, outrageous and fun.  Whether a puffy hairdo on a cat, mod glasses on an executive or rainbow-colored hair on a dog, Casal’s characters are clearly lovable. Here are a few portraits of his imaginative characters from recent projects.  

Martin Tognola / Illustrating Urban Species for La Vanguardia

Martin Tognola created an illustration for a weekly column in La Vanguardia, a digital newspaper. The column, “Urban Species,” compares a goal in soccer to an orgasm. Tognola has superimposed a football field on a couple’s bed to illustrate the column’s premise.    

Roberto Cigna / Fishing for dinner

Roberto Cigna was inspired by an article in The Chronicle Herald on the quality of the food we eat to create this illustration questioning the safety of our food supply. Food choices affect health. Cigna raises questions about farmed fish vs. fresh water fish as an example, and asks, “Are you sure the food you eat is safe?” Here, a chef fishes […]

Helena Pallares / The universe for Atlas Obscura

Helena Pallarés recently created an illustration for the American guidebook, Atlas Obscura. The article she illustrated is a profile of Hisako Koyama, a Japanese astronomer who devoted decades to drawing, then mapping out, sun spots. Sunspots appear as patches on the sun’s surface. Pallarés illustration shows the cosmos: the sun, sunspots, orbits and Koyama’s face.  All are part of […]

Nathan Hackett / Illustration for Acorn, a children’s charity

Nathan Hackett was asked to create an illustration in homage to his favorite children’s book to raise money for the children’s charity, Acorn. Hackett’s favorite book, Esio Trot, an illustrated classic by Roald Dahl, with illustrations by Quentin Blake, is about Mr. Hopper and his attempts to convince the woman in the apartment below, Mrs. Silver, who’s […]

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