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Nick Ogonosky / A pink elephant plus gatherers and hunters for The Boston Globe

Nick Ogonosky was commissioned by The Boston Globe to create an illustration for an article about diet and health.  The article on how eating habits have changed since the time of hunters and gatherers compares the millennial diet to earlier diets. Nick’s colorful, humorous approach to the assignment shows the cultural clash in a charming […]

Stephanie Wunderlich / Dos and don’ts of planning a dinner party

Stephanie Wunderlich created an illustration for the current issue of Schöner Wohnen, a German interiors magazine for women. Wunderlich’s illustration shows the “Dos and dont’s” of planning a dinner party at home.

Nick Ogonosky / Hot Car Deaths for Texas Monthly

Nick Ogonosky was asked to create three illustrations for an editorial piece on infant hot car deaths for Texas Monthly. Ogonosky’s illustrations for the magazine range from a conceptual image of a mother and father holding an infant entangled in the stems of flowers to a teddy bear placed on the back seat of a […]

Roberto Cigna / Economic Yo-Yo

Roberto Cigna’s comment on the last few years of the European economy.  Up and down like a yo-yo.  Here a man waits and watches to see the “finish” of this economic game.

Nathan Hackett / How to be credit card smart

Nathan Hackett created a series of illustrations for a lifestyle article that appeared in AAA magazine with advice on managing credit cards. The article suggests ways to maintain a good credit score and presents methods for securing a mortgage with a low interest rate. Hackett uses larger-than-life credit cards in his illustrations to show the impact of credit on our daily lives. […]

We’re very excited to welcome South Korean Illustrator, Ha-Neul Kim to our Gang!

Ha-Neul Kim, an illustrator who lives in Seoul, Korea, has exploded onto the international scene with clean, graphic images that feature minimalism and high contrast light. Self-taught in painting and illustration, his work is making waves here, and abroad.  

We’re thrilled to welcome North Carolina illustrator Jacob Myrick to our Gang!

Jacob Myrick is an American illustrator and animator currently based in North Carolina. He enjoys creating morose and emotional little worlds with strange characters to explore editorial concepts. His favorite colors are black, pink, and teal.

Roberto Cigna / “Love is Love”

Roberto Cigna’s recent illustration was inspired by news from Eastern Europe and in particular, Romania, about gay unions. A referendum establishing a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in Romania failed – after only a fifth of the nation’s voters turned out. Just 20.4% of eligible voters cast ballots short of the 30% needed. Results came […]

Chris Madden / “Make Ohio Great Again?” for Cincinnati magazine

Chris Madden illustrated, “Make Ohio Great Again?,” a feature for Cincinnati magazine about the upcoming governor’s election. The article discusses how the contenders for governor, locked in a tight race, must counteract the state’s foundational problems to succeed. Madden was assigned a single illustration but he enjoyed the assignment so much, he created additional illustrations […]

Jessie Ford / Cover illustration for Viva magazine

Jessie Ford was honored to have her illustration appear on the cover of the October issue of Viva magazine.  Ford was interviewed in the issue about her work as an illustrator. She described her creative journey, then and now. Viva‘s theme this month is food. Ford says that theme suits her perfectly.  “I love nothing […]

Kotynski / Are We All from Mars?

Kotynski created an illustration for Tomek Kwasniewski’s interview with an astrobiology professor who claims life could come from Mars for the October issue of Wysokie Obcasy Extra (High Heels Extra). The publication is a popular Polish women’s magazine. The article proposes that in an early stage Mars had life in the form of microalgae, based upon […]

Sébastien Thibault / Interviewed by Baron magazine

Sébastien Thibault was interviewed recently by Baron magazine, a French online publication dedicated to culture, design and entrepreneurship. In “Dans l’atelier de Sébastien Thibault: Penser et dessiner le politique,” Thibault discusses his editorial work, how he manages tight deadlines and his international political illustration.

Andy Potts / Selected for 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide

Andy Potts illustration on the UK and Brexit was selected for the cover of 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2018/2019. He’ll be interviewed as a Who’s Who in a Q & A interview on Luerzer’s Archive.  Congratulations to Andy for this international recognition.

Joe Magee / Portrait of Roman Abramovich for Courrier International

Joe Magee’s portrait of billionaire Russian businessman and owner of London’s Chelsea Football Club, Roman Abramovich, who embodies ‘Londongrad’—wealthy elite Russians living in the city—for Courrier International. According to the article, “Mais ou est passé Roman Abramovich?,” the recent Novichok nerve agent scandal is ending the laissez-faire attitude toward oligarchs settled in the country. Visas are being […]

Roberto Cigna / Start-ups and innovation for Focus Business

Roberto Cigna created this illustration on innovation for a recent article in Focus Business magazine.  The impact that start-ups are having on Germany’s economy was the subject of an article that hails start-ups as the growth champions in 2018. Cigna’s hot air balloon, made up of hundreds of small balloons, represents the power of start-ups to […]

Audrey Malo / Illustrating star signs and symbols

Audrey Malo was inspired by her own astrological birth chart to create a monochromatic line drawing with tone on themes of passion, romance, playfulness, pride and depression. Characters featured include Taurus the Bull looking at a photo, Pisces the Fishes sprouting mouthfuls of roses, Leo the Lion, Capricorn the Goat, Gemini the Twins, among others. […]

Andy Potts / Red Pepper

Andy Potts created a Brexit-themed illustration for a newly-relaunched, quarterly edition of Red Pepper, a political magazine that has been “spicing up the left” for 20 years. Envisioning mixed possibilities of a dystopian no-deal future for Brexit that would potentially incite the left’s case forward, the article inspired these illustrations of an alternative sign post, […]

Denis Carrier / Gig posters featuring hip animals

Denis Carrier continues his series of gig posters begun in 2017.  In Carrier’s series of almost 100 posters, in each poster the illustrator depicts an animal, with spots, enjoying night life as it announces the location and date of an upcoming gig. The cast: a beetle, a rabbit, a groundhog and more, listen, dance the […]

Roberto Cigna / Legal news for Focus Spezial

Roberto Cigna illustrated the article, “That’s how you get your rights,” for the August/September issue of Germany’s Focus Spezial. The article presents tips from professionals and discusses legal judgments in Germany.  Some areas of interest that appear include internet, labor, traffic, inheritance, tax, family and medical law. Featured are suggestions on finding the right lawyer as […]

Chris Madden / We Travel So Far longlisted for UKLA Book Awards

Chris Madden’s first book, We Travel So Far, about the adventures of creatures big and small, has been longlisted for the 2019 UKLA Book Awards. His beautiful illustrations of hummingbirds sucking nectar from flowers, polar bears waiting for ice to form and elephant seals behaving as elephant seals do definitely deserve such recognition. Congratulations to […]

Nathan Hackett / Under the big tent

Nathan Hackett was inspired by a day the illustrator spent at the circus observing a circus troupe.  His character studies of performers honing their craft and their acts—without an audience—shows ringmaster, clown, magician, even acrobats, doing the everyday from having a bite to eat to checking messages on a smartphone. Hackett’s behind the scenes approach […]

Nathalie Dion / Les carnets de Josée Fiset (second issue), Première Moisson

Nathalie Dion illustrated the second issue of Les carnets de Josée Fiset for Première Moisson. The fall issue is all about harvest:.fresh foods, cooking well and reaping the bounty of the earth. Dion’s wistful style shows us greens held between fingertips, a woman tasting jam from a pot wearing a crusty slice of baguette and […]

Helena Pallares / To show works in Paris art exhibit

Illustrator, Helena Pallarés presented eight original, handmade works in the Analog Collagé Art exhibition in Paris on September 15th. The collective exhibition features six collagé artists from the Parisian Bliss Studio. Each artist represented possesses a very different visual style but all share one common technique.  They all work with handmade collagé.

Martin Tognola / “Robot Ready,” the future is here

Martin Tognola explores retail task automation in a series of illustrations for CSP magazine. A report published in the magazine examines notable experiments and achievements in retail task automation.  The article, “Robot Revolution,” explores what a tech-forward c-store of the future might look like and how robotics and AI are changing our workforce. The client’s […]

Craigio Hopson / Weekend faces at the bar

Craigio Hopson’s at it again with a set of 16 small portrait paintings on wood. According to Hopson, his bar stool characters can be found in a bar near you! Hopson combines intense color with counter culture local “heroes,” some smoking, others unkempt, some looking peeved, to illustrate that all isn’t so pretty in his […]

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