Andrea Ucini / Avoiding the “Like Syndrome”

In Andrea Ucini’s social issues illustration, he pokes fun at the obsession we have with being liked on social media sites. According to the illustrator, the “Like Syndrome”  in now affecting the British, Irish, Americans, Canadians, and Australians.  His tongue-in-cheek illustration warns that doctors say, “Likeitis” can be fatal, if not treated. He notes that experts say it doesn’t […]

Roberto Cigna / Beekeepers’ honey ranch

In Roberto Cigna’s illustration of bees and the flowers they pollinate, beekeepers ranch bees and stir the jar of golden honey these life-giving insects produce. Cigna draws attention to the important role bees play in our ecosystem.  He warns that bees pollinate one-third of everything we eat. The illustrator uses scale to represent how critical bees are to sustaining our food […]

Jennifer Tapias Derch / Summer reads with cover illustrations that pop

Jennifer Tapias Derch’s powerful black-and-white illustrations with spot colors are featured on a series of book covers for the Washington Post’s, Lily Lines, as part of their summer reading list. The Post recently launched, The Lily, a new publication with a focus on millennial women.  The Lily features original and re-packaged journalism distributed exclusively on social media and […]

Nathan Hackett / Kids in the grocery aisle

Nathan Hackett’s explicit and colorful illustration of spills, temper tantrums, and a boy riding a shopping cart, pokes fun at the mayhem kids sometimes cause in a grocery store. Hackett, in his illustration of taking the kids to the grocery store, recalls with fondness his childhood trips for groceries alongside his parents. Even though they dragged him unwillingly […]

Audrey Malo / Out for a run

Audrey Malo’s illustration of two joggers preparing for a run accompanied a guide for runners which appeared recently in Women’s Running Magazine. The article, Running Lingo 101, provides a lexicon of running terms written to help runners decipher terminology associated with the fitness activity. Malo’s playful and expressive editorial illustration, in a palette of reds, pinks, and oranges, features two […]

Andrea Ucini / Leaning into the unknown

Andrea Ucini believes that allowing oneself some vulnerability, in life as well as love, becomes an individual’s greatest strength. In this illustration of a man falling backwards from a cliff with only a red balloon for support, Ucini–with minimal color, abstract stone formations, and a massive cloud–shows us that taking risks is a natural part of life.  Without […]

Andrea Ucini / When a love story ends

In Andrea Ucini’s poignant illustration of a woman clearing a path through a heart crafted from flowers, the illustrator shows that even loving relationships sometimes must end. Vibrant red roses against a yellow-green lawn with a large shadow looming overhead symbolize the painful process of cutting down a love lost. Ucini portrays the often solitary decision to separate in this […]

Andrea Ucini / Italy’s banks: An acrobatic act?

Andrea Ucini’s telling illustration of an acrobat, dressed in the colors of the Italian flag, holding onto a flagpole while a black crow perches on his leg, portrays the unsettled state of Italy’s banks. The country’s banking system enjoyed apparent immunity in the immediate aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. It’s minimal exposure to the global crash caused by the subprime […]

Pablo / Misstress Barbara: Portrait of a trailblazer

Pablo’s graphic illustration of the ever-popular and very hip Barbara Bonfiglio, better known as Misstress Barbara, producer, internationally-renowned DJ, and singer-songwriter uses bold visual elements to create a poster-like portrait of this sensational musical artist. Originally a drummer, the Italian-born Misstress Barbara, born in Catania, Italy, moved to Montreal, Canada at the age of eight and has […]

Roberto Cigna / “Like” me

Roberto Cigna’s comment on the trend in social media to “Like” a post is pictured as a chef serving a bowl of ‘thumbs up’ symbols.  The illustration compares “Likes” to the new food for the ego. Instead of having ideas of our own, liking someone else’s idea provides ego gratification. The illustrator’s use of simple […]

Hugo Herrera / Head In The Game

These colorful spot illustrations appeared alongside a short story in Marriott’s Traveler magazine, an online source of travel advice for patrons of Marriott hotels. The travel and lifestyle magazine is featuring Hugo Herrera’s lively, situational illustrations of working out, attending a business meeting, and peering out the window of a hotel room, with the short story, ‘Head In The Game.’

Andy Potts / Get behind the wheel

Virtual reality meets the ultimate driving machine in Andy Potts editorial illustration featured on Mercedes-Benz/Daimler’s website. His dramatic illustration, in fuchsia and midnight blue, references the virtual world a driver experiences when testing Mercedes-Benz Daimler’s ‘Ultimate Driving Simulator.’ Potts’ illustration accompanied an article on how a simulator provides streams of data from virtual conditions.    

Nathan Hackett / Traveling with friends

A pair of illustrations about the hazards of vacationing with friends are featured in the summer issue of Stella magazine, a supplement to The Telegraph, UK’s most widely-circulated newspaper. Nathan Hackett contrasts the leisure and fun of vacationing alone as a family with the chaos of combined families on vacation in two editorial illustrations.  A double […]

Daniella Ferretti / Four women far from home

A play that follows the trials and tribulations of four immigrant women working as domestic workers in Chile premiered in NYC in June. Nanas explores the impact of gender, class, and privilege on the lives of immigrant women far from their homes. Daniella Ferretti’s telling poster illustration, in muted pink and faded denim blue, conveys the loneliness and anonymity of life […]

Daniella Ferretti / Discovering Neptune: A simple dotted line

From an observatory in Berlin, on the night of September 23, 1846, the astronomer, Johann Galle, and his student, Heinrich d’Arrest, made a brilliant discovery.  Confirming their mathematical calculations, the pair discovered the planet, Neptune. Illustrating the auspicious moment for the scientific magazine, Principia, illustrator, Daniella Ferretti, created this imaginative composition of the two scientists placing […]

Stephanie Wunderlich / Unity and loss

In this sensitive and poignant illustration of a family after the loss of a partner, the illustrator chose subtle color and a strongly-symbolic composition to convey the unity of a family and the financial impact after the death of a spouse.  The young family sits on a stack of paper money as coins drop to the ground. The […]

Tony Healey / A recluse steps out: Don Henley turns 70

A beautifully-rendered caricature of Don Henley, singer-songwriter, producer, drummer, and founding member of the band, Eagles, in his bathrobe and slippers enjoying a cup of coffee and a Dallas newspaper.  Henley is known as Dallas’ most reclusive celebrity. An illustration created for D magazine to promote Henley’s birthday celebration: the singer-songwriter is hosting a 70th birthday concert on July 22nd […]

Nathan Hackett / Coming and going

Inspired by the comings and goings of everyday life on a busy staircase just outside an illustrator’s second floor apartment, this lively illustration shows just how relaxing a weekend can be as neighbors lives criss-cross but rarely intersect. Drawn in muted–almost drab–tones to illustrate the mundane nature of moving into and out of an apartment building.  

Jennifer Tapias Derch / How to keep a client: 10 easy practices

The lithe figures in this editorial illustration show how a skillful interplay of color and shape on a page can convey an idea with an economy of expression. Featuring an aplomb use of negative space, simple shapes, and implied movement, this brilliant image appears in graffica magazine’s 6th issue, illustrating an article on 10 ways to keep a client. […]

Anna Goodson Illustration Agency delivers dynamic visual content with new website launch

We’re thrilled to present to you our brand NEW website! This redesign marks the agency’s 21st year in business; a year slated to be its most successful to date as demand for illustration on editorial pages and in advertising soars. The driving force that sets our agency apart from the rest is best captured by […]

Gi Myao / The “Real Deal”

Anyone who’s been to the Hamptons in the summertime knows that the rich and famous vacation there.  Even the beaches aren’t exempt from deal-making as portrayed in this cover illustration for The Real Deal’s Hamptons Market Report magazine, July issue. This illustrator’s playful, painterly style using brushstrokes and color washes, makes a summer scene at a beach café the place […]

Leonard Beard / An oversized piggy bank and three big financial challenges

This curious editorial illustration of a businessman looking into the distance while walking an oversized piggy bank by the leash appeared in London’s Financial News in May.  The article, by Christian Edelmann, exposes the three big challenges facing global universal banking. The illustrator’s outrageous sense of scale is both comical and perplexing; encouraging the reader to discover the author’s […]

Eric Petersen / Mirror, mirror: A crack in creation

This colorful, cartoon-like illustration, in a bold graphic style, is of a woman looking in a mirror only to see her own DNA etched on her face and neck. The image was created for an article entitled, “What Keeps a CRISPR Creator Up at Night” by David Ewing Duncan. The author writes about gene-editing pioneer, Jennifer Doudna’s new […]

Roberto Cigna / In the palm of your hand

In this illustration, a small piece of land literally sits in the palm of a hand. With a soft, limited palette and minimalist imagery, this drawing shows that the responsibility for our environment rests in our hands. The illustrator urges us to protect the beautiful world we inhabit. His powerful message is clear: It’s our home. Protect the […]

Juan Casal / The zine posters: Mercurio in action

This bright and bold comics-style online zine in red, white, and blue presents the heroic Mercurio in a sequential series of posters. The delightful and artful Mercurio series is printed on a risograph. The illustrations depict, in poster form, the exploits of a comics-style tragic hero in decorative stylistic detail.

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