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Marilyn Faucher / Goodnight pain for Tylenol

Marilyn Faucher created a series of illustrations for a kit for parents to better understand a baby’s pain. Stories about infant pain, its common causes and what can be done to ease pain are all discussed in an informational kit for parents distributed by Tylenol. Entitled “Goodnight Pain,” this stylistically unique format informs parents how to handle […]

Joe Anderson / Seeing the big picture

Joe Anderson’s illustration for The Boston Globe on Olga Tokarczuk’s novel Flights. Tokarczuk’s novel is comprised of 116 short vignettes that ruminate on European travel and the continent’s history. Anderson’s Cubist-inspired illustration in muted blues, greens and brick red appeared in the Books Section of the newspaper.

Stephanie Wunderlich / Children’s garden game for Brigitte magazine

Stephanie Wunderlich created a children’s page for the German women’s magazine, Brigitte, that contains a riddle. Plants in Wunderlich’s illustration have letters assigned to them that must be put in order according to the number of blossoms on each plant. The children are then asked to uncover the name of the girl’s favorite flower. Wunderlich’s delightful illustration of a young girl in […]

Andy Potts / “Marvelous Models” for Science Magazine

Take a look at Andy Potts’ two-page spread for Science magazine that illustrates the article “Marvelous Models.” The article, about the increasing availability of modeling data in the scientific community, features a visual of two silhouetted individuals in the foreground observing a group of people deeper in space. Surrounded by concentric circles, Potts’ illustration in tonal […]

Laura Perez / Promotion for Barreira College of Art

Laura Perez created a promotional illustration for the Barreira Master of Illustration and Visual Art program in Valencia, Spain. Barreira A+D, a private college of art in the region of Valencia, offers degrees in graphic design, fashion design, interior design and 3D animation. Her image of an art student sketching on a park bench while […]

Roberto Cigna / A dream interrupted

Roberto Cigna’s tribute to Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, a pair who quit their office jobs and set off on a biking journey around the world. Their dream ended last month. Austin and Geoghegan were killed in an ISIS-inspired attack in Tajikistan.  Jay wrote, “I’ve grown tired of spending the best hours of my day in […]

Nathalie Dion / Cover illustration for Dialogue MD magazine

Nathalie Dion created this cover illustration for Dialogue MD  magazine on continuity of care. Volume 14 of the magazine, published by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, Canada, features best practices of communication between health care professionals to prevent patients from falling through the cracks. Dion’s well-crafted two-color plus black and white illustration of health care providers and patients as […]

Martin Tognola / Traveling for social media exposure for La Vanguardia

Martin Tognola’s .gif for La Vanguardia newspaper of a traveler’s selfie in a foreign land. Tognola’s illustration was created for a weekly column about people who travel simply to increase their social media following. Rather than traveling for enjoyment, the article describes a group of people who travel to show off while accumulating “Likes” on social media platforms.  

Andy Potts / 200 Best Illustrators Cover (Lürzer’s International Archive)

Andy Potts’ illustration was recently selected for the cover of this year’s 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 18/19 Lürzer’s International Archive. The illustration, Brex The Lionheart, a finalist in the Great British Postcard Competition 2017 (judged by John Lydon), shows a lion with his leg in a cast wearing a collar printed with the British flag to […]

Guille Manchado / Paper airplane for Travel + Leisure

Guille Manchado was commissioned by Travel + Leisure magazine to create an image for an article on cheap airline tickets. Manchado’s illustration of a paper airplane shadowed by a real plane brilliantly shows the illustrator’s art of creating a visual image from a simple yet bold concept.

Roberto Cigna / “Private money takes off” for Financial News

Roberto Cigna created a cover illustration for Financial News for the article, “Private money takes off. Banks chase surge in tech funding.” Cigna’s illustration of someone taking off in a rocket on a blue sky day with dollars trailing as two men and a woman in business attire watch is a clever depiction of the latest news.

Joe Anderson / Casting your vote

Joe Anderson’s latest portfolio illustration of Americans exercising their right to vote. Anderson’s abstracted image in reds, whites and blues of people holding up ballots and pencils depicts people casting their votes.

Stephanie Wunderlich / The meaning of work for Spring Magazine

Stephanie Wunderlich, co-editor of Spring magazine since 2008, completed a story for this year’s issue on the meaning of work. Spring, an annual mono-thematic anthology, features an unusual combination of comics, illustration and drawing using a wide variety of visual narrative techniques. Wunderlich’s two-color illustration of people at work relies upon bold, abstract shape and line to create a […]

Craigio Hopson / Mr. Shypants blends in

Craigio Hopson’s latest portfolio piece about the plight of the shy.  Mr. Shypants is hiding in an oversized pair of olive green pants to avoid being seen. While some of us will never have the experience of being shy, those who are avoid attracting attention at every turn. Hopson’s ‘green on green’ allows his character to blend […]

Roberto Cigna / Tampon Tax

Roberto Cigna’s illustration on taxing tampons poses the question, ‘Why are tampons taxed when Viagra is not?’ Statistics show an average woman menstruates for 2,535 days in her lifetime. “Menstrual equity” refers to equal access to hygiene products and to education about reproductive health. Advocates argue these products are a necessity and are urging states to exempt menstrual hygiene products from […]

Audrey Malo / Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Audrey Malo’s illustration of the metamorphosis of Violet Beauregarde from Roald Dahl’s 1964 classic, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” In the story, Violet is transformed into a gigantic blueberry after chewing a piece of Willy Wonka’s magic gum. Distorted scale and wavy shapes were used to emphasize the magical, psychedelic aspects of the scene upon which the image is based.

Craigio Hopson / ‘Faces from the pub”

Craigio Hopson’s’ recent collection of portrait paintings on wood panel entitled, “Faces from the pub” is a colorful collection of images of people. Hopson’s people-watching inspires his comic character development in this successful series of profiles.  

Andrea Ucini / A smart way to deal with someone who’s bigger than you

Andrea Ucini’s witty illustration on a smart way to deal with someone who’s bigger than you.  Ucini’s dwarfed and overshadowed man wears a clown’s nose, finding humor in the situation.  

Craigio Hopson / Weekend Joyfella

Craigio Hopson’s personal work on the pursuit of joy is a colorful, hatted, pipe-smoking, profiled man with eyes on the side of his head. Hopson’s latest addition to his portfolio, is a unique representation of the art of the offbeat.  

Andrea Ucini / “The sinking state” for The Washington Post

Andrea Ucini’s illustration of the sinking central Pacific nation of Kiribati for The Washington Post. According to the Post article by Joshua Keating, Kiribati has few claims to fame. Its flag-bearer at two past summer Olympics won international attention for his dancing. The country, known under British colonial rule as the Gilbert Islands (the name […]

Andy Potts / Cover illustrations for BBC Focus Magazine

Andy Potts created the latest cover illustrations for BBC Focus Magazine Collection series. On the themes, ”Scientific Guide To Your Future Life” and “Mind-Bending Science Simply Explained” Potts’ colorful 3D illustrations make these covers pop. BBC Focus Magazine covers a broad spectrum of topics. Potts chose a striking visual that works well with bright, eye-catching color. His […]

Andrea Ucini / “Les Monstres Among Us” for Foreign Policy magazine

Andrea Ucini’s illustration on France’s growing anti-Semitism that has increasingly taken a violent form for Foreign Policy magazine. The torture and murder of a young Jewish cell phone salesman in 2006, the murder of four hostages in a kosher supermarket in January 2015, and, most recently, the murder of an octogenarian Holocaust survivor on March […]

Gi Myao / Scooter commuter on a sultry London evening

Gi Myao captured this image of a man on a scooter who’s on his way home in sultry London where the temperatures this summer have been record-breaking. The commuter, with pug in tow, is catching a breeze as the sun sets on London with weather for tomorrow forecast to be a steamy 37 Celsius. Mayo’s fluid […]

Roberto Cigna / “From Russia with (kinda) love”

Roberto Cigna created an illustration for the Boston Globe‘s Sunday Books section for the article, “From Russia with (kinda) love,” by global correspondent, Anthony Domestico. Domestico reviews a novel by Keith Gessen, “A Terrible Country,” a comic tale that tells of a New York grad student’s return to Moscow to care for an ailing grandmother. While living in Moscow, […]

Daniella Ferretti / The beauty of Barcelona’s facades

Daniella Ferretti used the vibrant city of Barcelona as her inspiration for these new additions to her portfolio.  Her views of Barcelona’s facades feature the unique characteristics of the city’s architecture. Daniella combined texture, shape and pattern to recreate the urban beauty of the city’s architecture in her current series of illustrations.

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