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Guille Manchado / An interview with Guille Manchado

Guille Manchado was interviewed by Ballpit magazine, a publication dedicated to featuring interviews with well-respected artists.  The magazine is known for searching out artists of note. Manchado’s illustration of a man lifting a brick wall to see what’s behind it is an apt image to shine a light on what exactly is behind an artist’s work.    

Hanna Melin / An animation for Enbridge

a  Hanna Melin created an animation for Enbridge, a multinational energy transportation company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company is attempting to encourage employees to think outside the box when it comes to time management. Here are two stills from Melin’s animation. One of an employee’s work cubicle with a gallery of cat photos and a […]

Kotynski / ‘iGeneration’ for Newsweek, Polish edition

Kotynski created an illustrated spread for a cover story appearing in Newsweek, Polish edition, on the ‘iGeneration.’ His illustration was art directed by Magdalena Mamajek-Mich. The article, about the current generation of teens and how social media is affecting them, touches on the topic of unhealthy perfectionism, how it breeds narcissistic solitude and leads to shallow personal […]

Nicolas Gremaud / Portrait of Emma Peel

Nicholas Gremaud’s illustration of Emma Peel is a continuation of his series of illustrations on the cinema. Peel’s sassy style, with gun in hand, is portrayed in Gremaud’s color wash portrait of the star of TV and screen.  

Clare Mallison / Gender pay gap for the Financial Times

Clare Mallison illustrates the pay gap between men and women living in the UK in an illustration for the Financial Times. According to the article, the average woman working full-time in the UK earns 9.1 percent less per hour than a man. Mallison’s image of the gender pay gap shows women stacked up lower than men […]

Clare Mallison / Children on a school trip in South Bank London

Clare Mallison created a drawing of children on a school trip at South Bank London. Mallison’s illustration of a colorful line of kids wearing fluorescent vests and carrying backpacks shows a day in the life of a child in school.    

Andrea Ucini / Increasing the value of your home

Andrea Ucini shows us that getting a house ready for sale is a little like playing a slot machine in his latest illustration. He ponders the question: ‘If you only have so much time and money to invest, where do you start?’    

Nathan Hackett / Thin walls and apartment living

Nathan Hackett’s humorous depiction of an apartment building with very thin walls. Neighbors arguing, smoke detectors blaring, a rock band rehearsing, seeking tranquility and defraying the noise can be challenging.    

Andrea Ucini / Adopting a stress-free lifestyle

Andrea Ucini’s illustration on adopting a stress-free lifestyle. A man who takes the time to paint clouds inspires us to reduce stress in our lives or, at least, consider how our lifestyles are affecting our well-being.    

Tony Healey / Head shots for Biz New Orleans magazine

Tony Healey recently completed eight head shots for Biz New Orleans magazine. Healey fulfilled the client’s request for a red background for each portrait. His candid line drawings with color washes capture each of his subjects naturally.

Roberto Cigna / The game of politics: Truth and lies

Roberto Cigna questions the game of politics which he characterizes as a perfect mix of truth and lies. Cigna asks if we should continue to believe the promises of politicians in his image of a politician with his hands in his pockets who’s growing a very long nose. The constituent to whom he’s speaking is holding a saw.

Kotynski / Jubilee issue of Car and Driver magazine

Kotynski created an illustration for the 750th Jubilee issue of Car and Driver magazine, published in December, 2017. Illustrating an article by Daniel Pund on how Jeep Corporation has drained power and money from other corporations over the years, Kotynski worked with Creative Director, Darin Johnson. The illustrator’s Jeep morphing into a black widow is a representation of unethical corporate behavior.  

Nathan Hackett / Cover wraparound for The Wine Society

Nathan Hackett’s front page cover wraparound for The Wine Society‘s Spring issue highlights the pleasures of wine both in everyday life and when celebrating. At a wedding, a barbecue, or an art exhibit: all are cause to open a bottle of wine and enjoy. Hackett’s cover became the inspiration for inside pages and his illustrations were featured throughout the […]

Gi Myao / London’s pigeons

Gi Myao’s illustration of pigeons on a London street. Something of an icon in London, pigeons are as prevalent as buses and black cabs. Wearing a vintage leather coat, a young woman takes a stroll with her dog in East London.

Nathan Hackett / On the clock

Nathan Hackett’s illustration on keeping track of time. In danger of the day getting away from her, a woman is caught in the mechanics of time. Hackett’s social issues illustration shows her pushed along forcibly through her day.  She’s “going through the motions” instead of choosing how to spend her time.    

Kotynski / ‘Yellow Self Defense’ for a women’s monthly in Poland

  Kotynski created an illustration for an upcoming issue of Wysokie Obcasy Extra, a monthly women’s magazine in Poland. Developed for an interview with two female lawyers who give advice how to protect against sexual harassment at work, Kotynski shows a poster of a naked woman with post-it notes covering essentials on the wall behind an office worker answering a phone. […]

Nathan Hackett / Encouraging young readers to think about art

Nathan Hackett created a double-page spread for HMS Reading that encourages young readers to think about how art impacts lives. Hackett’s illustration of an urban scene alive with performance art, visual art and people milling about reflects upon what art can be, what it is, and who it affects.  

Helena Pallarés / Portraits of Hollywood stars

Helena Pallarés illustrated an article for the German bank, Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. AG & Co.’s, quarterly magazine. The article talks about different acting techniques of renowned Hollywood stars. Pallarés created portraits of Marlon Brando, Kate Winslet and Daniel Day Lewis using her handmade collage technique that combines pencil drawing with cut paper.

Pablo / Portrait of Haruki Murakami for Spiegel Literature

Pablo recently completed a portrait of writer, Haruki Murakami, for the German magazine, Speiegel Literature. Pablo’s cubist-inspired style of editorial illustration shows the writer in faux-3D brandishing a sword.

Andrea Ucini / Friendship in your 30s

Andrea Ucini’s comment on friendship after 30: a series of arrows missing the mark. The illustrator argues as we usher in our 30s, life changes, just as at any other age. What we choose to spend our time and energy on is what arguably changes the most. As priorities shift away from socializing and toward “settling down,” and for some, starting a […]

Audrey Malo / The Mouse’s New House for Ad Age

Audrey Malo’s illustration and .gif appear in the latest issue of Ad Age. Malo illustrated an article on how Disney publishes exclusive content on Facebook including the latest incarnation of “The Mickey Mouse Club.” An illustration of Disney-based mascots, in classic and newly-acquired franchises like The Simpsons, Star Wars, and Family Guy, are pictured in a group hug with Facebook’s “F” […]

Andrea Ucini / For a story about unexpected journeys

Andrea Ucini’s illustration for the essay, “Polar Express,” of a woman, alone, out in a storm, waiting for a train. Written by Ariel Lewiton, it’s a story about being stuck in the worst storm of her life until things began to thaw.

Kotynski / Illustrations for Newsweek, Polish edition

Kotynski’s created two editorial illustrations for Newsweek, Polish edition. The first entitled, “Sunday Shopping,” (Newsweek PL 50/2017) for an article about the planned closing of stores on Sundays in Poland and its impact on culture and families and “Marching,” (Newsweek PL 52/2017 – 1/2018) a prediction on the future of technology and how it will affect everyday lives.  

Stephanie Wunderlich / Homeowners’ guide for The Washington Post

Stephanie Wunderlich’s illustration appears on the cover of today’s issue of The Washington Post‘s Real Estate supplement. Wunderlich shows a happy couple who have just purchased their first home in a series of illustrations for The Post.  

Andrea Ucini / Thinking they’re always right

Andrea Ucini laments the frustration of arguing with someone who thinks they’re always right in his conceptual illustration of a man standing on his own shoulders as another man stands behind. To avoid this frustration, Ucini suggests thinking about what you hope to achieve from an argument before entering into it. Either that, or simply redirect a conversation. Above […]

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