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Guille Manchado / Being a member of the absolute minority

Guille Manchado created a recent addition to his portfolio on what it’s like to be a part of society’s absolute minority. Manchado asks, “Does being different from the masses make you go unnoticed or does it highlight you even more?”  

Tony Healey / Cover illustration for DAL Magazine

Tony Healey created portraits for DAL Magazine, Spring 2018 issue, including this cover illustration of Dr. Nicole Ward, a 1987 Killam Scholar. Dalhousie University’s flagship publication, DAL Magazine is a key link between the university and its alumni, faculty, staff, students and the community. Healey’s line and tone illustrations were created in blue and ochre to reflect the university’s color palette […]

Hanna Melin / Dressed-up dogs

Hanna Melin drew four dressed-up dogs that will be printed on tote bags for residents of Connaught Village in West London. Donning driving googles, eyeglasses, pearls, bowtie and hat, this well-dressed group of pooches will be carried along on shopping trips, to venues around town and special events.  

Mai Ly Degnan / Gator Girls on the move

Mai Ly Degnan’s “Gator Girls,” part of an ongoing series entitled, “Wild at Heart Women,” explores the wild side of things. Degnan celebrates the spirit that’s summer with two swimsuit-clad gals getting a lift from an obliging gator.  

Roberto Cigna / Our oceans are dying

Roberto Cigna’s illustration highlights the plastics choking our oceans, lakes and rivers.  Piling up on land, plastics are unsightly and affect plants and wildlife. With oceans slowly turning into a plastic soup, the effect on ocean life is chilling. Large pieces of plastic are choking and entangling turtles and seabirds. Smaller plastics are clogging the stomachs of creatures who mistake it […]

Roberto Cigna / 100% Renewables for New Scientist magazine

Roberto Cigna was asked to illustrate an article by Peter Fairley for New Scientist magazine on renewable/clean energy. “Finally we can power the planet on renewables alone – here’s how,” discusses how we can achieve reliance upon 100% renewal/clean energy to run the planet. Cigna’s image of the Earth with wind turbines and solar panels encased in […]

Nathalie Dion / Illustrating the children’s book, Debout!, éditions D’eux

Nathalie Dion’s illustrations for the children’s book, Debout! éditions D’eux, by Mikaël Escoffier, have been selected in the children’s book category for the 3 X 3 Illustration. Dion’s whimsical, poignant illustrations of a boy’s world of adventure and dreams were created with delicate line, soft texture and a muted palette.

Pablo / Soccer star Lionel Messi for Enganche magazine

Pablo created a portrait of soccer star, Lionel Messi, for Enganche magazine.  Messi hopes to win his third trophy for Argentina in the 2018 World Cup being held in Russia. With Pablo’s signature style, the illustrator shows the star with arms raised in front of goal posts.    

Martin Tognola / Overactive summer

Martin Tognola created an illustration for the Sunday supplement magazine of La Vanguardia on the stresses of planning a vacation for children.  Parents, in an effort to make their kids happy, tend to plan vacations with too many activities from kayaking and surfing to attending the circus instead of focusing on quality time together.  

Joe Magee / Mystery play for Fifa Soccer World Cup

Joe Magee is taking part in a group exhibition to mark the Fifa Soccer World Cup beginning today in Russia. Curated by Liverpool John Moores University, School of Art & Design, the exhibit features work by 15 artists each responding to a fabled essay, ‘The World Cup and Its Pomps’, written in 1978 by the famous Italian semiotician, […]

Andy Potts / Through the wormhole

Andy Potts illustrated a cover and a double-page spread for the current issue of BBC Focus magazine on traveling through wormholes between galaxies. Animated versions of Potts’ illustrations were also created for an iPad edition of BBC Focus. Potts’ pictures a man in a spacesuit going through a tunnel to reach another galaxy. Take a look at the illustrator’s animated illustration.  

Stephanie Wunderlich / A brochure for the German bank, Hanseatic

Stephanie Wunderlich illustrated a brochure for the German bank, Hanseatic. The brochure’s topic, “Simplify your life,” presents the themes of clarity and simplicity as they relate to private banking. Wunderlich shows customers getting rid of unnecessary items, finding order, leading a simple but happy life, in concentration, and keeping their focus on what’s important in her two-color […]

Joe Magee / A poster honoring Stroud’s Secret Suffragist

Joe Magee’s poster of Margaret Hills, a well-known suffragist, for a performance marking the 100th anniversary of votes for some women in the UK after The Representation of the People Act in 1918. Legislation enabled all men and some women over the age of 30 to vote for the first time. This act paved the […]

Guille Manchado / Books and flowers for Télérama

Guille Manchado was commissioned by Télérama, a well-known French cultural magazine, to create illustrations on literature and ecology. Manchado’s illustration of books that look like flowers opening and a second illustration of a man reading behind a green plant show simply how literature and nature play off one another.  Manchado’s minimalist, graphic style lends itself to a […]

Roberto Cigna / Combatting money laundering and terrorist funding for Aplus Magazine

Aplus magazine recently asked Roberto Cigna to illustrate the article, “Playing detective.” The article, by Nicky Burridge, which appeared in the May Issue, suggests new systems to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. Measures put into legislation will hopefully curb illegal activity by requiring companies to do their due diligence. Weeding out these activities through close […]

Marta Antelo / Illustrating children’s poetry for Kireei magazine.

Marta Antelo illustrated a page of children’s poetry written by Laura Dorada for Kireei, a magazine that combines art, illustration, photography, interior decoration, handmade objects and design in one publication. Antelo’s whimsical, colorful and oftentimes playful imagery appeared in the 10th issue of Kireei. A flying cow, a lollipop, balloons and a black bird in top hat are just some of what adorns […]

Stephanie Wunderlich / Myth of mindfulness for Wirtschaftswoche magazine

For the current issue of the German business magazine, Wirtschaftswoche, Stephanie Wunderlich created two illustrations on the theme of mindfulness. The article explores myths around mindfulness. Does being mindful in work situations lead to less ambition and a slower pace?  Does motivation increase when we are less mindful? Wunderlich’s first illustration of a woman in a coffee […]

Leonard Beard / Written into a will for The Guardian Weekend magazine

Leonard Beard created an illustration for The Guardian Weekend magazine on a will with malicious intent. An anonymous author writes about how she and her sister escaped abusive parents only to revisit their vindictive natures upon reading their deceased parents’ will. Beard shows a black crow perched on a framed photo of the sisters’ mother to represent a […]

Hanna Melin / Colorful animal-themed washi tapes for Amifa

Hanna Melin created the designs for a series of colorful washi tapes for Amifa, a Japanese stationery company. The commissioned designs for the decorative adhesive tapes are animal-themed with images of birds, cats, a panda, a koala bear, a monkey , a sloth and more, pictured hanging from trees, branches and in their natural habitats.

Joe Anderson / Farewell to labor rights

Joe Anderson’s powerful illustration for The Progressive on the Trump administration’s attempts to dismantle the National Labor Review Board. Joe Anderson worked with art director, Kerstin Diehn, to create an editorial illustration that shows the belt tightening around a group of workers from office to construction workers.

Andy Potts / Preparing for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Andy Potts illustrated two sporty commissions for Qatar Airways Oryx magazine on the current trend of collecting health data through smartphones and wearables. “Perfect Figures,” and “Countdown to Kick-Off,” by Dr. Bertalan Meskó describe a stadium and infrastructure underway in Qatar.  Building is in preparation for the 2022 FIFA World cup series. Potts’ colorful illustrations show […]

Roberto Cigna / Questioning whether there is equal opportunity

Roberto Cigna questions whether women are afforded equal opportunity in today’s world?  During the span of a woman’s career, Cigna asks if a woman has the same access to doors opening as men? In his illustration of a man opening a door to a serene sky, a woman opens a door to another closed door. Cigna notes that […]

Gary Neill / Banks curb gun sales for The New York Times

Gary Neill created this clever illustration—a gif—for the Sunday Business section of The New York Times on American banks attempting to curb gun sales. According to the article, Republicans are trying to stop banks from affecting sales despite the Republican party’s reluctance to regulate free markets.

Clare Mallison / “Get Tap Happy!” for Translink Vancouver

Clare Mallison’s series of posters featuring contactless Visa shows commuters goings cashless as they enter the subway.  Vancouver commuters can now tap their credit cards to use trains and buses. The Get Tap Happy! campaign allows commuters to get where their going faster. Mallison worked with Taxi Agency Vancouver on this series  which can be seen […]

Roberto Cigna / Smoking kills

Roberto Cigna’s illustration of a man taking an ax to a gigantic cigarette though barely making a dent reminds us that smoking kills. Every year, more than 480,000 people die in the United States from tobacco-related diseases. That’s about one in five of all deaths annually. It’s estimated that one in two smokers will die from a smoking-related disease.

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