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Hanna Melin / Futuristic retail park

Hanna Melin created these images for a poster for the TCE Future Retail Competition, a competition/charrette calling for architects to work up ideas for a projected 200,000 square mile retail park to be built by 2030. Melin’s renderings show an indoor/outdoor mall with walkways, a monorail, solar panels, delivery drones, a play area for kids and outdoor seating with terraced […]

Joe Anderson / Affording long-term insurance for Kiplinger’s

Joe Anderson’s inventive illustration for Kiplinger’s on how premiums for long-term care insurance are going up and how to buy a policy that’s affordable. Anderson pictures an elderly woman in bed being crushed by a stack of hundred dollar bills, illustrating the rising costs of long-term insurance.

Andy Potts / “Unknown Worlds” for BBC Focus Magazine

Andy Potts’ latest cover illustration in an ongoing series for BBC Focus Magazine Collection. For the theme of Vol.3, “Unknown Worlds: Earth, Ocean, Space,” a 3D helmeted glass head was created to conjure a sense of mystery and exploration.

Alexis Bukowski / “The great populist reaction” for La Maleta de Portbou Magazine

Alexis Bukowski’s illustration for an article by Mariam Martínez, “La gran reacción populista,” (The great populist reaction) recently appeared in La Maleta de Portbou magazine. Bukowski draws attention to the main character by coloring his baseball cap red in a black-and-white line and wash sketch that puts us squarely in the scene. His natural drawing style, with elements borrowed […]

La Pompadour / “What’s Common Agricultural Policy” for Greenpeace France

La Pompadour created a series of three motion graphics for Greenpeace France to promote the understanding of the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) throughout Europe. Entitled, “What’s the Common Agricultural Policy,” La Pompadour used colorful graphics to convey the meaning of the new mandate.

Andrea Ucini / Censoring social media for SRB news

Andrea’s Ucini’s clever editorial illustration on censoring social media for Single Resolution Board (SRB) news. Twitter’s mascot is caged, with head down, in Ucini’s image of “Twitter wallpaper” for the finance and business publication.

Alexis Bukowski / “The Story of Nicodemus” for Panenka Magazine

Alexis Bukowski created a series of illustrations for Panenka magazine to illustrate, “The Story of Nicodemus.” Bukowski’s black-and-white renderings of action shots catch the action simply and powerfully.

Andrea Ucini / “About Unknown Artist,” a novel by Elena Ferrantes

Andrea Ucini created a new illustration for The Guardian Weekend on Elena Ferrantes’ novel, “About Unknown Artist.” The best-selling Italian novelist behind the highly-acclaimed Neapolitan series writes a column for The Guardian Weekend. In it, she explores looking at paintings. Instead of concentrating on who created the work, she suggests simply looking at a painting can lead to a more aesthetically-pleasing experience. Ucini’s […]

Sebastien Thibault / ‘Would you want to know’ for The Guardian Weekend

Sebastien Thibault created an illustration for The Guardian Weekend on a topic that poses a dilemma: “If your husband was having an affair, would you want to know?” Thibault’s use of hot colors and sharp edges depicts the conflict many feel about knowing of a spouse’s extramarital affair.

Andrea Ucini / Gravity vs. quantum theory for New Scientist

Andrea Ucini completed this thought-provoking illustration on two different universal theories, quantum theory and gravity, for New Scientist magazine. The article “The big fudge: Welcome to the theory of not-quite-everything,” on why we’ve tried and failed to unite gravity and quantum theory, by Anil Ananthaswamy, appeared in the April 11th issue of the magazine. The author blames gravity for the […]

Roberto Cigna / Affecting women’s rights

Roberto Cigna’s illustration on the cultural impact of the Taliban in Afghanistan in the 70s and its affect on women’s rights. The 20th century was marked by a steady progression of women’s rights in Afghanistan, until the 1970s, notes Cigna.  Then under Taliban rule, women had their rights rolled back. Under the Taliban, women and girls were discriminated […]

Andrea Ucini / Best to help yourself

Andrea Ucini’s illustration of a man crossing a bridge of his own design suggests it’s best to help yourself rather than waiting for someone’s help in one of three illustrations for Handelsblatt, a leading German business newspaper.

Stephanie Wunderlich / Stand up now

Stephanie Wunderlich’s papercut illustration will appear in the American Illustration Award Hardcover Book 37. The illustration was originally created for an annual Spring magazine release exhibition. The magazine was a comic anthology on environmental issues. For Wunderlich’s personal printed story, “My flawless guilty conscience,” the illustrator produced a series of illustrations on the environment that were exhibited at the Gallery Gudberg Nerger in Hamburg, […]

Gary Neill / Targeting seniors

Gary Neill’s series of three illustrations accompanied an article on the topic of fraud against the elderly. The article alerts readers to the prevalence and danger of phone fraud, credit card fraud and construction fraud targeting seniors. Neill’s bold, graphic illustrations shows a sinister element lurking behind daily tasks such as using a mobile phone, paying by credit card […]

Andy Potts / Techno Files for Exhibitor magazine

Andy Potts illustrated two features for Exhibitor magazine’s “Techno Files.” Potts’ work was featured in the section of Exhibitor on the latest innovations in the exhibition industry. The illustrator’s first double-page spread with spots visually portrayed VR, biometrics and chatbots. A second spread, adapted from the first, features drones, geo-fencing and conductive ink. Potts’ had fun with this assignment choosing to […]

Stephanie Wunderlich / Summer eating for Plus magazine

Stephanie Wunderlich created this colorful, fun illustration for the Dutch magazine, Plus. In it, Wunderlich tips the perspective of a dining table allowing us to see what’s on the table. The illustrator shows people socializing while enjoying a healthy meal together: all in a summery atmosphere.    

Katy Lemay / To the moon and back

Katy Lemay created a series of collages inspired by Victorian portraits and lost memories for her portfolio. Her clever pairings of vintage cutouts create 3D impressions of people and objects in surreal settings and situations.

Isabelle Cardinal / “Inside Job: It’s all about the balance” for Ad Age

Isabelle Cardinal created a full page illustration and an animated gif for an article appearing in Ad Age on the trend to hire creative staff for in-house creative teams to promote a brand. The article explores the pros and cons of having an in-house creative team. In her illustration, Cardinal employs magnets to keep creatives connected to […]

Nathan Hackett / The great divide in newsrooms for the Hollywood Reporter

a Nathan Hackett created an illustration for an article on the intergenerational divide in newsrooms for the Hollywood Reporter, a multi-platform digital and print magazine focusing on the film industry, television and entertainment. The article addresses how news sources like Vice News, The New York Times, and others are coping. With a focus on how the “Old Guard” is dealing with the progressive […]

Andrea Ucini / Ohio’s medical marijuana program for Crain Cleveland magazine

Andrea Ucini created an illustration for Crain Cleveland magazine on the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of Ohio. Ohio’s program has been slow to evolve. Ucini’s drawing of a marijuana plant with capsules of medicine hanging from its leaves as butterflies light and land draws greater attention to the subject.

Joe Anderson / The many faces of identity theft

Joe Anderson pulled this black and white illustration from a recent assignment on identity theft. In it, he shows the many faces of identity theft masking one’s true identity.  

Andrea Ucini / Illustrating “Frog Calls” for Stanford magazine

Andrea Ucini recently illustrated the poetry of Rob Jackson for Stanford magazine. Ucini created imagery for Jackson’s poetry entitled, “Frog Calls.” Ucini’s lily pads become platforms for a man and a woman looking into the distance.    

Audrey Malo / “Burn Kiki Burn”

Audrey Malo recently created a short experimental animation about a curious little boy, his magnifying glass and a poor grasshopper on a hot summer’s day. Malo’s summery excerpt from her animation of a grasshopper in a flower-filled garden taking heat from an angry summer sun piques our curiosity about what else is in store for this green four-legged hopping […]

Andrea Ucini / A flurry of exclamation marks for The Guardian Weekend

Andrea Ucini’s clever illustration for a newly-published Elena Ferrante novel for The Guardian Weekend pokes fun at excesses in writing. Ucini’s illustration of a man with a bullhorn blowing exclamation marks into the air while a woman nearby dodges a confetti-like flurry with an umbrella, depicts the excessive use of exclamation marks so prevalent in writing today.  

Andy Potts / Atomic timekeeping gets even more precise

Andy Potts recently created this illustration for 5280, Denver’s Mile High magazine, of the local atomic clock at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado. Potts’ clock was drawn using 3D modeling which was then composited with 2D texture in Photoshop to give his illustration a cosmic feel. The article, “Sync Tank,” by Mary Clare Fischer, about the […]

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