Chris Madden / Choosing your own time

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For a recent editorial assignment for BeHealthy magazine, Chris Madden was given the challenge of tackling the very delicate subject of Euthanasia.

Assisted dying is a divisive and emotionally-loaded subject but not one to shy away from. Madden takes a difficult topic and pulls imagery and inspiration from it, taking a light-hearted approach to the subject without making light of it.

Madden’s compelling illustrations rely upon strong conceptual images about keeping time and letting go.  The lead illustration of a figure pulling the timekeeper out of a metronome with a hooked rope shows us we can choose our own timing.  A series of bold line drawings present the concepts of choosing time and cutting off that which is no longer fully alive.

The article reminds us that, “We’re all going to die, but sadly not all quickly, or with dignity.”

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