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Chris Madden’s second book entitled, We Build Our Homes, will be published on October 18, 2018 by Words & Pictures, an imprint of the Quarto Group. This book, written by Laura Knowles, is a follow-up to the well-received, “We Travel So Far,” released in 2017.

Madden’s illustrations of animals building their homes from birds to mice, show us that not only human beings build incredible structures but mammals, birds and insects can too.

“From the biggest beaver dams to the tinniest caddisfly cases, this illustrated picture book explores each animal’s home to uncover the reasons why they build what they do,” notes Madden.

Bower and weaver birds, gophers, beavers, termites, honey bees, and more, each as an amazing animal architect who tells its own ‘micro story’ about building skills in a delightfully-unique wildlife book.

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