Cutting through the rhetoric and noise: Social issues illustration

Cutting through the rhetoric and noise: Social issues illustration

If you follow the news, social issues from climate change and pay equality to sexual harassment and racism dominate nearly every news cycle.

Illustration has become a powerful tool to represent social issues in the media. Andrea Ucini and Leonard Beard illustrate how social media impacts society.

David Senior presents a pictorial example of open borders for foreign workers.

Illustration works overtime to get the message out about topics important to the future of our planet.

Instead of rubber stamping the news or spreading disinformation and half-truths, social issues illustration seeks the truth behind the headlines.

What else presents topics so significant to so many of us better than art? Art has the power to present aspects of an issue with subtlety, sensitivity and purpose. Expressive and nuanced, art makes us think.

Whether it’s Sébastien Thibault’s miniature man attached to the magnetic strip of a credit card, a comment on the shopping frenzy of Black Friday, Joe Magee’s woman seated in a fetal position inside a mason jar surrounded by jars of sweets to show the struggle with sugar some face, Stephanie Wunderlich’s comment on excessive expectations of workers in the workplace, or Guille Manchado’s illustration on social exclusion, powerful images like these linger well after the first impression.



In other examples of social issues imagery, Eva Tatcheva and Cinta Arribas use unique forms of social realism to create persuasive renditions of current and historical social and political movements.

Our 2018 Christmas Coasters celebrating love, inclusiveness and tolerance addressed discrimination based upon race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Our illustrators selected topics of personal interest to them, using imagery to illustrate their profound belief in the power of art to draw attention to social issues.

Sharp, incisive, no holds barred imagery that cuts through the rhetoric and noise; that’s what great social issues illustration can achieve.

Leave a lasting impression on your audience, make a difference in the discussion, stand out. Our illustrators take a stand on issues that matter most to them–and to you. Here, at Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, we break through convention to deliver real content that tackles the issues as they arise.