Design in motion: A closer look at animation and motion graphics

Animation / Agathe BB

Art mimics life. Never more so than when an illustrator introduces movement through animation or motion graphics.  Nothing catches our attention quite like movement. Bringing images to life employs many of the elements of a live action movie.  What separates animation from live action is the simplicity of the message and how it unfolds.

Animation / Juan Casal

In illustrated animation, the design often becomes the action.  What happens next is all about timing, sequence and change.

Animation / Joe Magee

Putting illustration in motion through animation or motion graphics is a trend that’s definitely here to stay.  Create a storyline that’s compelling, select a subject or characters that appeal to our emotions, introduce a human element, develop a thoughtful timeline of events, let the plot unfold, develop the correct timing for each movement, and most of all, include the element of surprise and you have a winning animation.

Animation / Andy Potts

Designing a successful animation or motion graphic requires a designer who understands the medium of moving images, is technically proficient in the medium, and can simplify elements to their most essential components so imagery spring to life naturally and with purpose.  It all starts with finding the right narrative to illustrate.

Whether motion graphics to animate typography and logos, 2-D vector-based animation, or 3-D CGI animation, it’s the action that counts.

Animation / La Pompadour

Squashing or stretching a character, creating anticipation, staging, straight ahead action, pose to pose, or easing in and easing out, animating a character takes many forms.  The user experience is about time and telling a visual story, and at its best, can seem like poetry in motion.

Animation / Jojo Ensslin

Experimental, imaginative, and so very creative, animation and motion graphics are catching on fast for online advertising, editorial projects and branding. Here, at Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, we are just beginning to imagine the possibilities.