How and when did you know that you wanted to become an illustrator?
In 2009 I moved to Barcelona to study a design master’s degree in one of the most prestigious universities in Spain. One day I went for a walk by myself and I ran into a gallery with a awesome exhibition of a bunch of very talented students of an illustration master’s degree, ran by an American illustrator who had been living in Barcelona for decades. So I felt like meeting them and exploring my creativity through this discipline. That’s the way it all started.

What is your earliest memory of creating art? (or drawing as a child)
When I was a little child I loved drawing. One of my treasures was a huge colorful markers box. At school I had a diary where I wrote all my tasks full of little funny and lovely doodles and scrapbook stickers.

Moreover, I loved Barbie and all her pink and fashionable world. So I began to draw in a notebook a lot of teen girls with very, very long hair and fabulous clothes. Actually, I was into it for years. Also, I played with my mum to name each fancy girl and to imagine what could go with her outfit.

Many years after, I thought I’d like to study fashion design, but finally I didn’t. And now I realize it wasn’t my fate.

What type of environment do you prefer to work in? At home or in a studio? Listening to music?
I work at home, but one of my short-term resolutions is to rent a studio with other mates. I’d like to have two clearly different spaces: one for work and another for my personal life. Sometimes if you work at home you don’t see the moment to stop what you’re doing and to take some time for you. There’re always a lot of jobs to do! Also, I’d like to relate to other people day to day. Sometimes I feel very lonely.

Of course I also listen to music! I’m a big music lover: oldies, post-rock, lo-fi, dream-pop, folk, stoner, power pop… I love a lot of music genres, but I feel the inspiration that I need while I’m working in vocal jazz: Nina Simone, Diana Krall, Ella Fitzgerald, Rickie Lee Jones, Dakota Staton…

As a working illustrator, do you still find time to create art for yourself?
Not really. My friends usually ask me for an illustration for their living room or as a present for their birthdays but I’m always too busy. I apologize from here again, buddies!

What accomplishment so far in your life stands out as most important?
To love and be loved. Truly, deeply, fully and plenty.

If you had to describe your body of work in one word, what would that word be?
Colorful playground.