Denis Carrier Illustrator Interview

Denis Carrier

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Can you recall the first time you realized you were going to be an illustrator? What were your earliest impressions?

I think that I realized I was going to be an illustrator only recently. In these last few years, I saw my practice as if it were a wonderful job. In the beginning of 2017, I decided to change some things.
 I experiment more now as an illustrator. It’s fun. I expect my illustration will improve as a new door opens.

Who or what influenced your art when you were young?
I spent a lot of time outdoors in nature. I think it’s what influenced, and continues to influence me, most.
 Another influence was the classic Disney films I saw every year with my family when I was young.

Do you remember what your first artwork looked like? Do you still have it?
I don’t remember but my mother tells me she has recently found a carton of cards I made for her when I was young. I’m very curious to see them.

Why did you choose illustration as your life’s work instead of, for example, filmmaking, law, or even medicine?
I don’t know if I really chose illustration. For me, it seems normal to do what I’m doing now.
 I just want to live my life and have fun. For the moment, illustration helps me do that.

Did you study art in school?

I studied graphic design for four years at a little school in France. Perhaps that’s why my illustration is so graphic.

Where does your inspiration come from; your impulse to make art? Do you have a source for your ideas?
Nature and humor are the two major inspirations in my life and in my work. I can’t imagine life without them. It would be crazy for me not to include them in my illustration.

How would you describe the process of creating art?
It’s very n
atural for me to create art; not at all complicated. You have to work every day to improve, of course. If you accept what it is you want to say, things happen, and illustration appears.

Do you have a favorite illustrator? What is it about that illustrator’s work you like?
I’m a big fan of the French poster illustrator, Raymond Savignac. I also like the work of the Pin Push Studio and works by Tomi Ungerer.

If you could do something else, other than creating art, what would it be?
I’d be lost in the nature or doing something in relation to animals.

Do you have a favorite illustrator supply, a favorite method, or favorite location, where you like to create artwork?
I’d have to say, not really. I just need a notebook and a pencil–or a computer–and I can work anywhere. I’m not a nomad, but I’d be happy to become one. A few years ago, I worked out of a van for three months while travelling the west coast of the United States. It was a very enjoyable experience.

If you could give a viewer clues to understanding your art, what would you say?
The clue is often the humor.

Why does art matter to you? Why might it matter to the world?
I don’t know. I just need to be doing things. It can be a drawing, a sculpture, an illustration, a stupid song, whatever. I know that if I don’t do that, I’ll lose myself and begin to feel sad, and a little bit weird.

If you could look back or forward a hundred years, do you think the life of an illustrator was or will be better than today?
One hundred years ago, I was probably somewhere on the front during World War I. As to the future, I might be directly connected to a computer. Hmmm, I was born at a good time.