Guille Manchado Illustrator Interview

Guille Manchado

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Can you recall the first time you realized you were going to be an illustrator? What were your earliest impressions?
I had my first contact with art throught graffiti. Graffiti was the reason I decided to study art. I never thought about becoming an illustrator. I had contact with art since childhood, but didn’t think about becoming an illustrator until much later. When I finished my studies in illustration; that was when I started to think about it.

Who or what influenced your art when you were young? Do you remember what your first artwork looked like? Do you still have it?
When I was a child I created graffiti, specifically lettering graffiti, so I only followed the work of graffiti illustrators. I began to do my own sketches when I was ten or eleven. I didn’t keep my drawings. They weren’t very good to be honest. I improved with time.

Why did you choose illustration as your life’s work instead of, for example, filmmaking, law or even medicine?
I love art. When I studied illustration I enjoyed it. That’s why I chose this path.

Did you study art in school?
Yes, and I really found it interesting.

Where does your inspiration come from; your impulse to make art? Do you have a source for your ideas?
I usually get inspiration from articles in the paper or things that I read. Sometimes I just need to express something or an idea comes into my mind. I think that when you have a necessity to express yourself it’s simply because you’re alive. I believe, life and art are for lovers.

How would you describe the process of making art?
It depends on what type of illustrator you are. In my case, I’m always searching for a question to answer or a problem to solve. I like to transform concepts into images. I spend a great deal of time thinking about my work and what I want to express.

Do you have a favorite illustrator? What is it about that illustrator’s work you like?
There are so many illustrators and so much talent in this world that I wouldn’t be able to settle on one particular illustrator.

If you could do something else, other than creating art, what would it be?
I’d be a palm tree by the sea.

Do you remember your first set of paints, pens, or markers?
I don’t remember. I don’t think the type of supplies an illustrator uses matters. Use your supplies and enjoy the experience.

Do you have a favorite illustrator supply, a favorite method, or favorite location, where you like to create artwork?
I work digitally now using vector programs. I don’t have a favorite place. I do have many ideas in my head before going to sleep.

If you could give a viewer clues to understanding your art, what would you say?
I think that the most interesting thing about art is that it’s an opportunity to be understood. I think what’s most important is to awaken the interest of the viewer.

If you could look back or forward a hundred years, do you think the life of an illustrator was or will be better than today?
I dont know how illustrators’ lives were in the past but I know that new generations of young illustrators like me are very lucky. Everyone is connected over the internet now which makes it much easier to share work.