Featured on the covers and pages of magazines


If you enjoy thumbing through the pages of your favorite magazine as much as I do, then you know that getting lost in the pages of a good magazine is a great way to catch your breath and escape the stresses of the day.

Clicking through pages online is just another way to enjoy the experience. The image quality is amazing when viewing the pages of a magazine on a hi-res screen.

Editorial illustration is an important part of what we do. Illustrating a feature article for a magazine is a creative challenge our illustrators embrace.  It’s a unique opportunity that puts a spotlight on an illustrator’s work while providing a place for their talents to shine.

What often starts with a brief about the content of the article from an art director results in wildly creative illustration that not only distills the essence of the story but often adds meaning and insight into its contents.

An illustrator can express their range when illustrating a feature or creating a cover illustration. A cover has to be a show-stopper; an image that makes a reader want to pick up a magazine and open it or click through its pages online.  Whether vibrant color, bold flat shapes or imagery that’s so compelling you want to read further, cover art is what hooks a reader.

Inside, illustrating a feature is more than just creating an image to accompany a story.  A good feature illustration entices a reader to read more of the story.  It poses a question or elicits curiosity about a subject.  A compelling feature illustration creates excitement around a topic.

I love to be surprised by a great feature illustration: only to understand what it’s about in its entirety once I read the article.  When they say, “An image is worth a thousand words,” it’s not just a cliché.  We know, here at Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, that an image truly conveys more than words can express.