For a wickedly Happy Halloween

What could be sweeter than black cats climbing atop smiling pumpkins surrounded by the moon, stars, and autumn leaves (with a bat and ghost thrown in)?  Chocolates in a beautifully-illustrated box by Jessie Ford for Godiva’s “Halloween Magic.” (Ford says joining Godiva’s roster of illustrators is a dream come true.)

We know that Halloween isn’t always sweet. In case you want a little fright, we’ve got some scary, spooky, bone-chilling illustration this Halloween too. Our illustrators have been hard at work just in time for one of my favorite holidays.

They’ll scare you with stunning, shocking and frightful illustrations of boiling goblins, gremlins and other ghostly designs. Anna Goodson Illustration & Motion has your dark, daring and bewitching Halloween-themed imagery.

Our illustrators conjure up ghoulish visions, draw hair-raising characters and give a glimpse into the world beyond, that will thrill and scare, all in fun, of course.

We believe, at AGIM, that Halloween isn’t just for kids. For ghost stories— chilling, thrilling or just plain creepy—all who dare take note. If you see an image on our site you like, download it for free.  Just credit us and the illustrator when you post our images.

Go ahead, scare them silly.  Dress up in the spirit of the season. Be anyone you choose. Scatter macabre symbols across your front lawn: witches, skeletons, cobwebs, ghosts, gravestones, jack-o’-lanterns.

Or summon spirits to life with motion graphics. Our illustrators can wake up Frankenstein, make witches fly and candles flicker.

Don’t just carve a pumpkin, bob for apples or dress up like a fairy princess again this year. This Halloween, why not celebrate with some of the most hauntingly fun and scary illustration on the planet?

Post one of our frighteningly fabulous illustrations to your site or blog, dim the lights, put some dry ice in the smoking cauldron and let the party begin.