GIFS: Delivering dynamic visual content…in seconds/GIF Juan Casal

GIF/Martin Tognola

From a pair of dancing shoes to a surprise package that shimmies, I see GIFS everywhere on the web. These small, animated image files boost traffic to a site because, after all, we love things that move, right?

Whether designed to increase the wow factor of an ad or to bolster readership for an editorial or news item, GIFS illustrate to me the power of moving images.

GIF/Juan Casal

For anyone who’s not familiar, GIF, or graphics interchange format, combines several images or frames in a single file to create a short animation. Find them on Instagram, supported by Facebook and Google, as banners and clips for online newsletters, and on websites.

Most of the illustrators at Anna Goodson Illustration Agency design GIFS.

Brands market with GIFS to stand out from the crowd. News agencies know that GIFS improve page views and engagement rate.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an animated picture is worth much more. Rethinking a marketing strategy to employ GIFS is what I see trending for top brands.

GIF/Jennifer Tapias Derch

Always seeking new ways to communicate with buyers, branding experts find this new content is fast becoming an online visual language. Emotion and information can be shared with one tool.

Customizing a GIF to match your brand requires a savvy illustrator who can isolate an action that portrays your message. Our illustrators consider your brand guidelines–typeface, colors, layout, identity–then design for the specific platform you plan to use.

Supported by nearly all web browsers, analytics prove that GIFS get attention. Embedded GIFS now illustrate news stories. Recognizing the need for dynamic content, news sources are adopting the format and seeking talents and services of illustrators and content creators to customize GIFS. A strategic use of GIFS humanizes news outlets and increases reader loyalty.

Eliciting an emotional response to an ad or story is what a good GIF will do. The playful, looping GIF can be a major player in your marketing plan, one that needs all the attention of a rock star.

GIF/Joe Magee

Add GIFS to your ads, social posts, and website. A colorful, creative, animated GIF says more in a few seconds than most anything else and will leave a lasting impression… that lingers.