Illustration Is Your Brand Strategy’s Secret Weapon

Illustration Is Your Brand Strategy’s Secret Weapon

Anna Goodson shares her industry expertise. 

I truly believe illustration is your brand’s best friend. Illustrations are not only beautiful to look at but also smart business. Unlike stock images and graphics, custom artwork can create a personality and story for your brand strategy with loads of impact. Here are 3 reasons why you should hire an illustrator for your next marketing campaign:

1. Illustration is for everybody.

Having worked with magazines to mega-brands, I have learned art directors and marketers love illustration because it sends a clear message, even when a brand story is complex. MailChimp expresses its email automation with simple yet artful graphics that make their services so easy to understand. From our own roster, Stephanie Wunderlich, was hired to illustrate the strength of the platform to move emails to the masses. In fact, the brand strategy for the entire site relies on illustration to visually add a heartbeat to this company which relies on human contact for success.

2. Illustration adds character.

When you need personality for your marketing campaign, illustrations are your perfect fit. Want to change the colour of a sweater? Add longer hair? Include another model, character or personality? That’s all possible when staying within our artists’ design processes and deadlines. You’ll love to explore the best options for your brand strategy and discovering a final result that’s a match for your brand. Check out the energy and movement Claire Mallsion captured for Translink Vancouver and the joyful designs from Martin Tognola made to inspire Citibank’s internal Global Consumer Bank division.

3. Illustration is multi-platform.

Graphics offer a visual style that crosses so many marketing applications. Amazon Echo hired our own Gemma Correl to communicate the product’s ease and playfulness. Collaborating with Gemma gave the company the opportunity to apply her marketing-savvy illustrations across their brand strategy: Online, on social media, on packaging and as advertising animations—including a strategic media buy during the popular Great British Bakeoff in the UK.

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