Illustration in an ever-changing political world

Illustration in an ever-changing political world
The political circus / Andrea Ucini

Tackling social issues and political questions is left to illustrators with the courage and the artistry to tell it like it is.  Interest in political illustration and illustration that focuses on social issues is on the rise.

Maybe it’s the ever-increasing political climate we find ourselves in today–with its fierce rivalries and new alignments–that’s spurred an interest in social issues and politics.

Trump & Putin’s politics / Sebastien Tribault

I appreciate the humor, satire, and often, the grace, with which these talented illustrators, acting as social commentators, encapsulate the essence of an issue or a political event open for debate. A simple yet complex illustration created with colors, shapes, and lines conveys an unmistakable message.

Sean Spicer/Costhanzo

Whatever the agenda, when an illustrator uses a distinguishing feature or mannerism to caricature a politician, I can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous yet accurate the characterization is.  Whether it’s Trump’s signature flyaway hair or Trudeau’s colorful, not-always-matching socks, there is no mistaking the politician in question.

Poverty is in your head/Andrea Ucini

Exploring complex social issues like climate change, sexism, and wage disparity, is not beyond the skill of a talented illustrator.  Sometimes with a light touch, at other times with a bold stroke of the pen, images portraying social injustice, nepotism, corruption, and more, stun, enlighten, and challenge our sensibilities.

We are asked to look beyond the status quo; accepted explanations, and established answers to uncover a deeper truth.  We are better informed, and at times, inspired, by the vision, outlook, and unwavering creativity this amazing group of illustrators shares on the pages of newspapers and magazines worldwide.  Without their insightful drawings, it would just be: politics, as usual.

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