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“For nearly a decade, academics and others have said that technology could revolutionize the communication abilities of people on the autism spectrum. That hasn’t happened yet. Part of the reason is that the field is pretty niche. A number of well regarded app producers are small operations started by people who developed something to help their own loved ones. These ground breakers inadvertently stunt innovation because their goal is to develop ways of automating pre-existing, tried and true (but cumbersome) tasks, not create novel approaches. Another factor is that academics can’t keep up with tech. Hundreds of apps flood the market faster than you can assemble a long-range study to evaluate efficacy. So no app has been deemed a gold standard.

But at least one piece of tech is threatening to break the mold. On the horizon, an app called :prose and its associated gear may be able to link a user’s thoughts to a speaking aid. This may make it possible for someone with even the most severe physical limitations to develop an amount of autonomy over their own language.” (Soni Sangha)

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