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Motion & Animation

Alexis Bukowski / Spies among us: today’s espionage

Alexis Bukowski’s comment on how espionage works in today’s world. Bukowski’s illustration shows a man in a fedora peering through cracks in a tablet.    

Alexis Bukowski / Book cover and illustrations for La Ternura

Alexis Bukowski created a cover and illustrations for Roy Galán’s latest book, La Ternura.  The cover of Galán’s book, about the loss of innocence as we reach adulthood, shows a hummingbird drinking from a flower that has come to life from a floral tattoo on a woman’s arm. Other illustrations within the book present a girl holding […]

Alexis Bukowski / Music festival poster for Sofar Sounds

Alexis Bukowski created an illustration for Sofar Sounds, a music festival taking place in Barcelona. Bukowski’s hip poster of a woman leaning out her apartment window at night, where below, a clothesline is hung with t-shirts showing the names of bands, depicts the cool groove of the festival line-up.

Alexis Bukowski / Grandfather plays with grandson for Panenka magazine

Alexis Bukowski was commissioned to illustrate a short story for Pananka magazine. The story, “Mentiras Piadosas,” appears in the October issue of the Spanish sports magazine. Bukowski’s editorial illustration shows a grandfather and his grandson kicking a soccer ball.

Alexis Bukowski / In praise of injustice

Alexis Bukowski recently created an illustration for an article in La Maleta de Portbou (The Portbou Suitcase) magazine entitled, “In praise of injustice,” by Céline Spector. The Portbou Suitcase is a Spanish language magazine on humanities and the economy contributing to the debate on current world issues.  It was named after Walter Benjamin, who committed suicide in Portbou […]

Illustrator Alexis Bukowski / La Maleta de Portbou

Illustration for a scientific article by Tomas Marqués. Client: La Maleta de Portbou Art Direction: Esperanza Rabat

Illustrator Alexis Bukowski / Van Van Market/A foodtruck festival in Barcelona

Illustration for the latest edition of Van Van Market. A foodtruck festival in Barcelona.

Alexis Bukowski recently did this illustration for / The Chronicle Review, Against Revelance

Illustration for The Chronicle Review. Text by: Matthew Braswell Art Direction by: Sue Lalumia

Alexis Bukowski illustrates for Panenka Magazine

Illustrations for the article: The new era of the Chinese Football

Ilustrator Alexis Bukowski / New York Solo Exhibition

Alexis Bukowski presents ‘First Timers’ Illustrator Alexis Bukowski makes drawings that mix humor and enigma. In keeping with these themes, he admits Bukowski is not his given name—but “it’s a long story so let’s just keep the mystery.” On January 5th, Bukowski presents ‘First Timers’, an exclusive exhibition at Tictail Market NYC.

We’re super excited to now be representing Spanish, Illustrator Alexis Bukowski

Alexis Bukowski studied Advertising at Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB). Then a Postdegree on Illustration and Visual Comunication at EINA. His style, mixing traditional and digital techniques, has gained him a large range of clients in editorial, music and advertising.