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Andrea Ucini / Censoring social media for SRB news

Andrea’s Ucini’s clever editorial illustration on censoring social media for Single Resolution Board (SRB) news. Twitter’s mascot is caged, with head down, in Ucini’s image of “Twitter wallpaper” for the finance and business publication.

Andrea Ucini / “About Unknown Artist,” a novel by Elena Ferrantes

Andrea Ucini created a new illustration for The Guardian Weekend on Elena Ferrantes’ novel, “About Unknown Artist.” The best-selling Italian novelist behind the highly-acclaimed Neapolitan series writes a column for The Guardian Weekend. In it, she explores looking at paintings. Instead of concentrating on who created the work, she suggests simply looking at a painting can lead to a more aesthetically-pleasing experience. Ucini’s […]

Andrea Ucini / Gravity vs. quantum theory for New Scientist

Andrea Ucini completed this thought-provoking illustration on two different universal theories, quantum theory and gravity, for New Scientist magazine. The article “The big fudge: Welcome to the theory of not-quite-everything,” on why we’ve tried and failed to unite gravity and quantum theory, by Anil Ananthaswamy, appeared in the April 11th issue of the magazine. The author blames gravity for the […]

Andrea Ucini / Best to help yourself

Andrea Ucini’s illustration of a man crossing a bridge of his own design suggests it’s best to help yourself rather than waiting for someone’s help in one of three illustrations for Handelsblatt, a leading German business newspaper.

Andrea Ucini / Ohio’s medical marijuana program for Crain Cleveland magazine

Andrea Ucini created an illustration for Crain Cleveland magazine on the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of Ohio. Ohio’s program has been slow to evolve. Ucini’s drawing of a marijuana plant with capsules of medicine hanging from its leaves as butterflies light and land draws greater attention to the subject.

Andrea Ucini / Illustrating “Frog Calls” for Stanford magazine

Andrea Ucini recently illustrated the poetry of Rob Jackson for Stanford magazine. Ucini created imagery for Jackson’s poetry entitled, “Frog Calls.” Ucini’s lily pads become platforms for a man and a woman looking into the distance.    

Andrea Ucini / A flurry of exclamation marks for The Guardian Weekend

Andrea Ucini’s clever illustration for a newly-published Elena Ferrante novel for The Guardian Weekend pokes fun at excesses in writing. Ucini’s illustration of a man with a bullhorn blowing exclamation marks into the air while a woman nearby dodges a confetti-like flurry with an umbrella, depicts the excessive use of exclamation marks so prevalent in writing today.  

Andrea Ucini / On the line for The Guardian Weekend

Andrea Ucini’s clever illustration for The Guardian Weekend, of laundry hanging in the shape of a smile to illustrate a novel by Elena Ferrante. “Laughing, we feel the grip of the powerful, relax.”  

Andrea Ucini / Four posters for Theater Calgary’s upcoming season

Andrea Ucini created four brilliant posters for Theater Calgary’s upcoming season. Ucini’s posters include promotions for A Christmas Carol, Boom X, The Scarlet Letter and Honour Beat. His artful and powerful depictions encapsulate the themes of these plays beautifully.  

Andrea Ucini / Xi Jinping dreams of world power

Andrea Ucini’s illustration for The New York Times on President Xi Jinping of China and his boldest political move yet: maneuvering to extend his rule indefinitely to maintain control of China. Xi Jinping’s desire to exert economic and political influence across the globe is shown powerfully here as a metal ball with China’s flag on it […]

Andrea Ucini / Wanting what we don’t have

Andrea Ucini asks, ‘If love is supposed to make us happy, why do we make ourselves miserable and fall for someone we can’t have?’ Ucini’s illustration of a man on a step stool looking over a fence, shows how we look for things we can’t have, whether because of idealism—naively hoping something will work out—or […]

Andrea Ucini / Increasing the value of your home

Andrea Ucini shows us that getting a house ready for sale is a little like playing a slot machine in his latest illustration. He ponders the question: ‘If you only have so much time and money to invest, where do you start?’    

Andrea Ucini / Adopting a stress-free lifestyle

Andrea Ucini’s illustration on adopting a stress-free lifestyle. A man who takes the time to paint clouds inspires us to reduce stress in our lives or, at least, consider how our lifestyles are affecting our well-being.    

Andrea Ucini / Friendship in your 30s

Andrea Ucini’s comment on friendship after 30: a series of arrows missing the mark. The illustrator argues as we usher in our 30s, life changes, just as at any other age. What we choose to spend our time and energy on is what arguably changes the most. As priorities shift away from socializing and toward “settling down,” and for some, starting a […]

Andrea Ucini / For a story about unexpected journeys

Andrea Ucini’s illustration for the essay, “Polar Express,” of a woman, alone, out in a storm, waiting for a train. Written by Ariel Lewiton, it’s a story about being stuck in the worst storm of her life until things began to thaw.

Andrea Ucini / Thinking they’re always right

Andrea Ucini laments the frustration of arguing with someone who thinks they’re always right in his conceptual illustration of a man standing on his own shoulders as another man stands behind. To avoid this frustration, Ucini suggests thinking about what you hope to achieve from an argument before entering into it. Either that, or simply redirect a conversation. Above […]

Andrea Ucini / Losing our childlike wonder

Andrea Ucini laments the loss of wonder we once possessed naturally as children in his illustration of a woman looking up at a child’s swing that’s out of reach. For the naive child, an empty box is anything they imagine it to be: a space shuttle, a race car, a storefront, a house or giant shoe. A sheet of […]

Andrea Ucini / Suspended in mid-air

Andrea Ucini illustrates an extreme or irrational fear of heights known as acrophobia. Caused by a degree of uneasiness felt by some when standing on a high structure, or near the edge of something at a certain height, acrophobia is attributed to a fear of falling. Ucini notes the fear often occurs in someone who has an impaired sense of […]

Andrea Ucini / Shattered glass

Andrea Ucini’s dramatic illustration highlights how hard it is for some to stop drinking.  His shattered glass, with an imprint of spilled wine staining the ground, shows how tragic the process of quitting can be for some. Ucini says that quitting isn’t about a lack of willpower or a collapse of determination.  He notes, for those who […]

Andrea Ucini / A whale of a plan

Andrea Ucini illustrates what a safe retirement looks like. An enormous whale moves slowly underwater; only his tale emerging as it gingerly guides the sailboat above. Like a whale, a well-planned retirement requires a large sum of money that’s protected and reliable moving forward into later years.    

Andrea Ucini / Water Capitalism

Andrea Ucini looks at the growing issue of water capitalism and privatizing oceans, rivers, lakes and aquifers for profit in his illustration of a man diving into a “private” pool surrounded by ocean. Though water covers 75 percent of the earth’s surface, it accounts for less that 1 percent of the world’s GDP.  The opportunity for […]

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