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Andrea Ucini / Preventing falls

In a guest post for a training company, RRC Training, Andrea Ucini illustrates how accidents in the workplace happen.  The problem can be especially acute in small-to-medium-sized businesses where health and safety may not be heavily regulated. The article presents safety features that can be put in place by business in all sectors of the economy. […]

Andrea Ucini / The future of fitness

Andrea Ucini’s clever illustration of weights connected by clasped hands is his latest social issues illustration on the aggressive expansion strategies and low membership costs of fitness clubs looking to rapidly expand. Ucini suggests this trend is impacted by franchisees lining up to get in on the action in his illustration of dumbbells hand-in hand.

Andrea Ucini / Increasing your IQ with brain exercises

Andrea Ucini questions the way we measure intelligence with IQ numbers and suggests exercising your brain to improve your score on your next test with his editorial illustration of a horse on a cliff with a carrot dangling in front of him. We all know that IQ numbers say something about intelligence, but what exactly is […]

Andrea Ucini / Reading to fall asleep

Andrea Ucini’s illustration of a woman sleeping on a stack of books, with an iPad tucked into the stack, emerged from a study that shows reading from an iPad for thirty minutes before bed resulted in people feeling less sleepy.  iPad readers also had unusual electrical activity in their brains. Ucini’s illustration points to the value of reading […]

Andrea Ucini / Is it luck?

Andrea Ucini’s four-leaf clover has a torn leaf to illustrate the function luck plays when starting a new business.  Though luck may be at play, it’s not of sole significance when starting a business. Ucini’s comment is directed at new entrepreneurs who say they don’t have the luck to make a venture succeed. Seasoned business owners often attribute […]

Andrea Ucini / Whether size matters

Andrea Ucini reflects on whether size matters in his conceptual illustration of a man, partially undressed, with a small tree covering his genitals. Ucini is commenting on a man’s relationship with his penis.  He argues it’s a complicated affair and has to do with power.  For some, he says, size is a contest played out in the […]

Andrea Ucini / Music that’s larger than life

Andrea Ucini ruminates on what makes a work for the piano challenging, in his conceptual illustration of a concert pianist looking at a very tall piano. The illustrator suggests that discussion on what makes a work for the piano difficult has inspired friendly discussion among music lovers for centuries yet remains difficult to define.  He advises, […]

Andrea Ucini / The thrill of the ride

Andrea Ucini’s train climbing a rollercoaster at an amusement park is a comment on travel. Many of us dream of traveling but fear prevents us from venturing to places we can only imagine seeing. Just like riding a rollercoaster, Ucini suggests facing a fear of travel to enjoy the thrill of the ride in this conceptual illustration.  

Andrea Ucini / Packing more than we need

Andrea Ucini’s illustration of a woman pulling her oversized suitcase while digging up the grass points to a study that says most women pack more clothing than they need when going on vacation. Ucini quips that husbands and boyfriends have been puzzled for years by how much clothing their wives and girlfriends pack.  However, a leading psychologist says, overpacking […]

Andrea Ucini / Will Italy close its ports to migrants?

Andrea Ucini suggests that Italy, as a main point of arrival for African migrants emigrating to Europe in 2017, with more boats arriving daily, may soon close its ports to boats carrying migrants. Ucini’s illustration shows a U-turn sign posted in the Mediterranean, a comment on Italy’s anticipated decision to limit or stop people rescued off the coast of Libya from entering Italy. It’s a […]

Andrea Ucini / Christmas tweets

Andrea Ucini is already thinking about marketing for Christmas on social media by decorating Twitter’s songbird with Christmas ornaments. Ucini reminds us that social media is playing an increasingly important role in Christmas marketing.  According to stats, 30% of us make purchases through social media. The illustrator suggests, in his conceptual illustration of Twitter’s icon decorated like a […]

Andrea Ucini / What’s keeping you out of the water?

Andrea Ucini’s comical depiction of someone who’s afraid of the water shows a man who doesn’t know how to swim contemplating going into the water. Ucini delves into the fear that keeps some people out of the water in his conceptual illustration of a man on the edge wearing a diving suit and a duckie floatation device around […]

Andrea Ucini / Pointing fingers

Andrea Ucini’s illustration entitled, Anger Management, pokes fun at keeping tempers in check. Instead of pointing at the other person as a cause for anger, the illustrator suggests simple anger management techniques such as, “I” statements, and time-outs. His miniature boxing gloves laced onto two index fingers remind us that instead of pointing at the […]

Andrea Ucini / Fast, cheap and out of control

Andrea Ucini warns us that the hyper-fast, hyper-modern marketplace may be damaging us in his illustration of a credit card being inserted into someone’s wrist like a microchip. As we consume and demand more; seek what’s new; and want it right now, are the split-second choices we face hurting us?  Ucini poses that question in his latest […]

Andrea Ucini / Addicted?

Andrea Ucini’s illustration about addiction to internet pornography uses a bold graphic and symbolic colors to present a social issue affecting children. While the internet is touted as an educational tool that children are increasingly expected to use to support learning, the illustrator suggests the online world has a dark side. This editorial illustration asks parents to take a […]

Andrea Ucini / Rise and fall

Andrea Ucini pokes fun at analysts who believe they can predict what stocks will do in his black-and-white illustration of a man cut in two going in opposite directions: half up, the other half down. His amusement at seeing experts on television offering predictions on what the market will do only to appear the next day to explain why […]

Andrea Ucini / Breaking the bank

Andrea Ucini tackles low interest rates on certificates of deposit in his illustration of a man balancing on the shoulders of another man.  The men discover that a higher return on a CD is farther away than they thought. The 3% return they’d hoped for is for a home equity line of credit instead of […]

Andrea Ucini / Failing due to illiteracy

Andrea Ucini explores illiteracy in his illustration of a typewriter without keys. The illustrator ponders the causes and consequences of illiteracy in this austere image of a hollow typewriter that has become obsolete; a blank piece of paper blends into the background. The illustrator’s comment pertains to the millions of people who lack computer literacy and the […]

Andrea Ucini / When images on a page come to life

In this whimsical illustration of a butterfly taking flight from the page of a book, illustrator, Andrea Ucini, sheds light on the life inside books. We pause to imagine a world where images on a page come to life: birds would take flight, tigers would prowl, fish would swim. Ucini’s imaginative illustration of an open […]

Andrea Ucini / Scaling the highest peak

Andrea Ucini ponders barriers to success in his illustration of a climber observing a distant snow-capped peak.  Ucini poses the question: ‘Are we our own biggest barrier to success?’ Self-doubt, and a lack of support from those closest to us, may play a critical role in achieving goals. Ucini’s illustration shows a sole figure with backpack alone in the […]

Andrea Ucini / Avoiding the “Like Syndrome”

In Andrea Ucini’s social issues illustration, he pokes fun at the obsession we have with being liked on social media sites. According to the illustrator, the “Like Syndrome”  in now affecting the British, Irish, Americans, Canadians, and Australians.  His tongue-in-cheek illustration warns that doctors say, “Likeitis” can be fatal, if not treated. He notes that experts say it doesn’t […]

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