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Motion & Animation

Andy Potts / Through the wormhole

Andy Potts illustrated a cover and a double-page spread for the current issue of BBC Focus magazine on traveling through wormholes between galaxies. Animated versions of Potts’ illustrations were also created for an iPad edition of BBC Focus. Potts’ pictures a man in a spacesuit going through a tunnel to reach another galaxy. Take a look at the illustrator’s animated illustration.  

Andy Potts / Preparing for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Andy Potts illustrated two sporty commissions for Qatar Airways Oryx magazine on the current trend of collecting health data through smartphones and wearables. “Perfect Figures,” and “Countdown to Kick-Off,” by Dr. Bertalan Meskó describe a stadium and infrastructure underway in Qatar.  Building is in preparation for the 2022 FIFA World cup series. Potts’ colorful illustrations show […]

Andy Potts / Illustrating complex scientific concepts for BBC Focus

Andy Potts’ illustrations for BBC Focus Magazine Collection depict the latest on “The Ultimate Guide to your Genes” and “How Science Can Fix The Planet.” Both cover illustrations were created using 3D software, then each was composited and tweaked in Photoshop. Potts experiments with a 3D camera to find unusual angles for his work. The spiral “gene-tunnel” effect was achieved […]

Andy Potts / “Wheel of Tech” for Canadian Lawyer magazine

Andy Potts illustrated the cover of Canadian Lawyer magazine on the impending technological threat that blockchain presents to the legal industry. To visualize blockchain, Andy employed 3D software to create this formidable “wheel-of-tech,”  lit ominously for optimal effect. Potts also selected typography which he rendered to disintegrate into the gears of the machine.

Andy Potts / Skylarks: Together we fly higher

Andy Potts illustrated a paperback cover for Karen Gregory’s young adult novel, Skylarks: Together we fly higher, published by Bloomsbury. Potts’ brief instructed him to loosely capture the feel of two skylarks playing in flight, symbolizing the relationship upon which the the young adult novel is based. Potts completed “a really enjoyable commission,” experimenting with texture and old-fashioned scanned mark-making. Cover design is by Andrea […]

Andy Potts / “Unknown Worlds” for BBC Focus Magazine

Andy Potts’ latest cover illustration in an ongoing series for BBC Focus Magazine Collection. For the theme of Vol.3, “Unknown Worlds: Earth, Ocean, Space,” a 3D helmeted glass head was created to conjure a sense of mystery and exploration.

Andy Potts / Techno Files for Exhibitor magazine

Andy Potts illustrated two features for Exhibitor magazine’s “Techno Files.” Potts’ work was featured in the section of Exhibitor on the latest innovations in the exhibition industry. The illustrator’s first double-page spread with spots visually portrayed VR, biometrics and chatbots. A second spread, adapted from the first, features drones, geo-fencing and conductive ink. Potts’ had fun with this assignment choosing to […]

Andy Potts / Atomic timekeeping gets even more precise

Andy Potts recently created this illustration for 5280, Denver’s Mile High magazine, of the local atomic clock at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado. Potts’ clock was drawn using 3D modeling which was then composited with 2D texture in Photoshop to give his illustration a cosmic feel. The article, “Sync Tank,” by Mary Clare Fischer, about the […]

Andy Potts / The “AI” journey for IBM Systems magazine

Andy Potts created a cover illustration for IBM Systems magazine on optimizing the “AI” journey. Potts developed his illustration around a brief that required a visual showing information identified and channeled from multiple data sources. He created the cover illustration using both 2D and 3D techniques. Andy’s illustration is a multi-faceted take on a classic prism. As white light passes through the prism, […]

Andy Potts / The science of health and happiness

Andy Potts was commissioned to illustrate a series of covers for BBC’s Focus Magazine, Collection Volumes. These volumes are compilations of scientific articles on particular themes. The first two volumes focus on health and happiness. Potts created colorful, bold yet simple cover illustrations using 2D and 3D digital techniques to convey each theme.

Andy Potts / Head games for the Wall Street Journal Review

Andy Potts illustrated the cover of the Wall Street Journal‘s Review for the article, “Head Games: The Mental Tricks Of Athletic Endurance.” Potts’ colorful, dynamic composition, and his alternate version for WSJ’s website in a darker palette, show athletes in diminishing perspective on skis and bikes to represent the endurance required for athletic activity.

Andy Potts / Illustrating Sherlock Holmes

Andy Potts has been selected for the longlist as a finalist to illustrate a new edition of Sherlock Holmes: The Selected Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle.  He was chosen for the longlist in the Folio Society of Book Illustration Competition 2018. Potts submitted illustrations for three short stories: “A Scandal in […]

Andy Potts / A country that’s all-electric

Andy Potts illustrated an article for Next, The Innovation Magazine by Daimler, on Norwegian e-mobility. Entitled, “A country that is all-electric: From Oslo to the North Cape, e-mobility is everywhere in Norway,” Potts chose a palette of hot pink, electric blue and violet. The illustrator rendered the Norwegian flag in neon to encapsulate the theme of the article. He […]

Andy Potts / The Intelligence Revolution

Andy Potts illustrated the brand image for the upcoming annual Human Resources conference for HRPA. Potts’ work was commissioned by Premise, a company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The theme of this year’s conference, “The Intelligence Revolution,” required an eye-catching, futuristic-looking illustration. Potts created imagery that depicts a positive union of human and artificial intelligence. His visuals were used across all media […]

Andy Potts / 3D and animation for Bokhari Records

Andy Potts’ 3D and animation techniques are highlighted in his latest vinyl artwork and animated teaser for the electronica release, “Southside Engineering” from Bokhari Records. Potts’ imagery for the soundtrack by Stephen Lopkin, features a futuristic figure with helmet absorbing music in an abstract space of gleaming, reflective objects and neon-like textures. Featured here are a 12″ […]

Andy Potts / The Future Is Electric

Andy Potts’ illustrates for Daimler/Mercedes-Benz Next, an online magazine. The article entitled, “The Future Is Electric,” looks at how e-mobility will eventually replace the combustion engine as electric cars take over the mass market. Pott’s colored his image using brand colors to create an electric neon look for an eye-popping effect.

Andy Potts / 3D illustrations of Scorch and Fi

Andy Potts experimentation with 3-D imagery continues with two unique sci-fi illustrations of a head within an abstract scene. The first, entitled Scorch, shows tactile paint textures and dramatic lighting to match a hot palette. The second, entitled Fi, cools down the palette with glass-like effects on black from reflections of luminous objects in a […]

Andy Potts / An Electrifying Prospect?

Andy Potts created two illustrations for the UK’s Boundless magazine for an article on the future of electric cars entitled, “An Electrifying Prospect?” Potts’ assignment was to create a dynamic composition within an urban environment using a selection of the cars mentioned in the feature.  His blue-green rendering of electric cars depicts the subject well.

Andy Potts / Cover illustration for The Cresswell Plot

Andy Potts’ cover illustration for the paperback release The Cresswell Plot, by Elza Wass, in vivid color, began with an initial client sketch of a young woman standing next a tree. Potts developed a variety of color schemes and comps before arriving at his final illustrations with a type treatment by the book’s’ designer. Potts captured the feel of a magical forest–with […]

Andy Potts / To innovation and beyond

Andy Potts was recently commissioned to illustrate a cover for the Washington Post’s Real Estate section for an article on looking at the future of our homes. The illustration was created using high-impact color and reflections with 3D-modelling to bring the drone, pictured in the image above, to life for an article entitled, “To Innovation and Beyond.”

Andy Potts / The Great British Postcard Competition

Andy Potts’ illustration, Brex, The Lionhearted, was selected as a finalist in The Great British Postcard competition. Potts’ colorful statement on wounded pride in the post-Brexit political era in the UK is represented by a lion–the symbol of Great Britain–sporting a broken leg. Cultural icon, John Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten, judged and hosted the awards event in Camden, […]

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