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Cinta Arribas / “I Hate Everyone”

Cinta Arribas has illustrated, I Hate Everyone, a children’s book written by Naomi Danis and published by Pow Kids Books. In spare, poignant, direct prose, I Hate Everyone, paints a nuanced and honest portrait of the complex emotional lives of children. In our worst moods, “I hate everyone,” is a phrase you just want to […]

Cinta Arribas / The same rights under the law

Cinta Arribas has illustrated an article on laws and society for Abogacía magazine. Arribas’ illustration represents how difficult it is for women to enjoy the same rights under the law as men. The illustrator depicts the concept by showing that in order to reach the top, the height of the ladder is much higher for a woman […]

Cinta Arribas / On the cover of Gràffica magazine

Cinta Arribas recently illustrated both front and back covers for Gràffica magazine. The issue, about the relationship between designers and the public sector, focuses on artists working for local councils, creating public sculpture and corporate branding for public companies. On the front cover of Gràffica’s 8th issue, Arribas has drawn people observing a large public sculpture erected on a local street. […]

Cinta Arribas / 2018 Calendar combatting poverty and social exclusion

Cinta Arribas illustrated a calendar featuring women in music, a project for Leãozinho, an NGO combatting poverty and social exclusion with music. Leãozinho gives guitar lessons to young people in favelas in Río de Janeiro and refugee camps in the Sahara. Arribas’ soulful images of women celebrate women and music.

We’re thrilled to welcome Cinta Arribas to our Gang!

Based in Madrid, Cinta Arribas had created illustrations for a number of children’s books. Her work is colorful and expressive; it plays with a subtle sense of humor that highlights the fact that life should always be a little fun. Her pieces are delicate scenes in which everyday life is combined with irreverence to create […]