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Personal piece about the power within,

Craigio Hopson / Charles Bukowski book design

New personal piece. Homage to Charles Bukowski

Craigio Hopson / Ignite your creativity

New personal piece about the creative process

Craigio Hopson / The man who drank the moon

Personal piece about embracing the twilight hours

CraigIO Hopson / Cry me a river *personal piece*

New illustration for a brand new portfolio of designs

Craigio Hopson / Book cover design homage

Personal piece inspired by the imaginative writer Haruki Murakami I’d love to create a book jacket design in 2019. Fingers crossed!

Craigio Hopson / Weekend faces at the bar

Craigio Hopson’s at it again with a set of 16 small portrait paintings on wood. According to Hopson, his bar stool characters can be found in a bar near you! Hopson combines intense color with counter culture local “heroes,” some smoking, others unkempt, some looking peeved, to illustrate that all isn’t so pretty in his […]

Craigio Hopson / A cast of characters

Craigio Hopson’s amazing oeuvre, a collection of ink drawings and collagés the illustrator has sold to art lovers all over the world. Items in this collection hang in homes from Alaska to South Wales. Hopson’s quirky, irreverent characters smoke, are often unshaven, wear clothes that don’t match and rarely fit, don funny hats and more.

Craigio Hopson / The delights of being eccentric

Craigio Hopson’s recent addition to his portfolio is a series of paintings on the delights of being eccentric. Pictured here is, “The woman who talked to cats, birds & plants,” an original in red, black and grey.  

Craigio Hopson / Mr. Shypants blends in

Craigio Hopson’s latest portfolio piece about the plight of the shy.  Mr. Shypants is hiding in an oversized pair of olive green pants to avoid being seen. While some of us will never have the experience of being shy, those who are avoid attracting attention at every turn. Hopson’s ‘green on green’ allows his character to blend […]

Craigio Hopson / ‘Faces from the pub”

Craigio Hopson’s’ recent collection of portrait paintings on wood panel entitled, “Faces from the pub” is a colorful collection of images of people. Hopson’s people-watching inspires his comic character development in this successful series of profiles.  

Craigio Hopson / Weekend Joyfella

Craigio Hopson’s personal work on the pursuit of joy is a colorful, hatted, pipe-smoking, profiled man with eyes on the side of his head. Hopson’s latest addition to his portfolio, is a unique representation of the art of the offbeat.  

Craigio Hopson / Paintings of the weird and wonderful

Each of these one-of-a-kind paintings by Craigio Hopson explores color, shape, texture and scale to discover their role in character development. Hopson’s acrylic on canvas paintings bring varied offbeat, quirky characters from a pink-faced, cigarette-puffing, double-eyed flathead gal to a red devil with nicely-coiffed moustache to life.  His dark yet colorful characters leave us to wonder, what’s next. What […]

Craigio Hopson / Surface design for fabric featuring comic characters

Illustrator Craigio Hopson has branched out into surface design with four new prints featuring of some of his favorite characters.  Imagine a dress, jacket or coverlet made from one of Hopson’s fun, zany prints.  Definitely something for the neighbors to envy.

Craigio Hopson / “Devil Blues”

Craigio Hopson’s “Devil Blues” of a dapper devil looking rather debonair dressed in plaid with slimline mustache, slicked-back hair and a pointed tooth smile, is a recent addition to his portfolio.  

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