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Motion & Animation

Craigio Hopson / “Devil Blues”

Craigio Hopson’s “Devil Blues” of a dapper devil looking rather debonair dressed in plaid with slimline mustache, slicked-back hair and a pointed tooth smile, is a recent addition to his portfolio.  

Craigio Hopson / Merry Christmas from Mr. Pudding

Craigio Hopson sends holiday greetings to all creative souls at Anna Goodson Illustration Agency by way of Mr. Pudding.  He wishes all a festive time with loved ones today. Mr. Pudding wears a holly sprig atop his head presenting the colors of the season as he extends a wave with a miniature hand.    

Craigio Hopson / A comment about Brexit for The Guardian’s weekend magazine

Craigio Hopson created this editorial illustration for The Guardian‘s weekend magazine. Hopson illustrated an article about Brexit by showing one person dressed in a EU flag walking in the opposite direction from all others in his clever illustration of British citizens.  

Craigio Hopson / Creative bloom

Craigio Hopson celebrates how he feels inside with “Creative Bloom,” an illustration of a pencil blooming with magenta branches and new growth. The portfolio piece is just one of Hopson’s many inventive, colorful illustrations.  

Craigio Hopson / Standing out in a crowd

Craigio Hopson illustrates the power of being yourself by presenting a surface pattern of sheep with one very colorful sheep in the center. Hopson applauds individualism in this latest addition to his portfolio.  

Craigio Hopson / “Shadowy Past”

Craigio Hopson’s latest personal work entitled, “Shadowy Past” shows a character in an orange suit and pink shirt being attacked by his shadow. Hopson’s shadow isn’t the shadow his character is projecting.  Instead, it appears as someone else: the person he was in the past coming back to haunt him.

Craigio Hopson / Mind Selfie

Craigio Hopson and the power of the “selfie” as his illustrates his own mind for a fresh, new, knockout portfolio. Entitled, “Self-Portrait of Me & My Mind,” Hopson shows us how colorful and three-dimensionsional his mind can be; something we already know from his inventive character and spot illustrations.  

Craigio Hopson / BunnyBloke

Craigio Hopson designed the character, BunnyBloke, a cigar-smoking, beer-toting bunny poised on a 80s-inspired ottoman with a bold print. Hopson would like to see BunnyBloke converted into a vinyl toy someday.  We’ll keep an eye out for him on toy store shelves soon.      

Craigio Hopson / Too close to the sun

Craigio Hopson’s ink drawing on the inside cover of a vintage book, shows a flying woman with wings and shooting flames. She then emerges from a fiery hole in the ground.  His “Icarusalina” has flown too close to the sun. Hopson’s book illustration takes his sometimes comic, sometimes tragic, characters on superhuman adventures to illustrate the powers […]

Craigio Hopson / Bunnyman Blues

Craigio Hopson creates the character, Bunnyman, in his two-page spread, “Bunnyman Blues,” a comic illustration of the character lamenting his fate as he spots a bikini-clad, cigarette-smoking, beach-bathing, Bunnywoman. Hopson imbues his illustrated characters with conflict, real-life problems, and a sense of narrative, in this sample of recent work from his portfolio.

Craig Hopson / Characters on canvas

Craig Hopson puts his illustration on canvas with an assemblage of new characters from a flat-headed girl smoking a cigarette to a flat-hatted guy with a necktie for a nose. Always inventive, with an unexpected element or two, Hopson surprises his viewers once again with witty, offbeat characters assembled here for our viewing pleasure.    

Craig Hopson / Matchbox characters

Craig Hopson’s characters, painted on matchboxes, are the latest from the illustrator who specializes in character and comic illustration. Hopson’s zany, and sometimes wayward characters, uniquely painted and mounted in a rustic wooden box frame, are part of a personal project by the illustrator.    

Craigio Hopson / Mc Cheesymelt and Takeaway Friedbrains

Craigio Hopson shares some of his new work, and the characters from his latest portfolio of illustration.  Mc Cheesymelt is a cigar-smoking melted cheese, in pink pants, that’s piping hot. Takeaway Friedbrains appears to be melting under the pressure but dressed up, nonetheless, with stylish hat, striped suit, and skinny tie. Hopson’s endearing, peculiar characters show […]

illustrator Craig Hopson / PETER PANTONE

New character design that celebrates the joys of ‘COLOUR’ Would look awesome animated. He could be touching dull grey things & bringing them to life with funky colours!

Illustrator Craig Hopson / CLUELESS

Personal piece about cluless leadership

Illustrator Craig Hopson / ‘Inner Glow’

Personal piece about inner strength & the pursuits of happiness.

Illustrator Craig Hopson / Hohe Luft magazine

A trio of editorial illustrations I created for the latest issue of Hohe Luft magazine in Germany.

Illustratror Craig Hopson / Canvas paintings

A collection of new paintings from my shop, many of which have gone to new lovely homes. Hopefully I can inspire young artists & illustrators out there to pick up the brushes and have fun.

Illustrator Craig Hopson / CHILI DOGS

Food truck /diner logo design *self initiated*

Craig Hopson Illustration EUREKA!

New personal image illustrating how my mind works & the art of imagination.

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