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Motion & Animation

illustrator Craig Hopson / PETER PANTONE

New character design that celebrates the joys of ‘COLOUR’ Would look awesome animated. He could be touching dull grey things & bringing them to life with funky colours!

Illustrator Craig Hopson / CLUELESS

Personal piece about cluless leadership

Illustrator Craig Hopson / ‘Inner Glow’

Personal piece about inner strength & the pursuits of happiness.

Illustrator Craig Hopson / Hohe Luft magazine

A trio of editorial illustrations I created for the latest issue of Hohe Luft magazine in Germany.

Illustratror Craig Hopson / Canvas paintings

A collection of new paintings from my shop, many of which have gone to new lovely homes. Hopefully I can inspire young artists & illustrators out there to pick up the brushes and have fun.

Illustrator Craig Hopson / CHILI DOGS

Food truck /diner logo design *self initiated*

Craig Hopson Illustration EUREKA!

New personal image illustrating how my mind works & the art of imagination.


New personal piece illustrating the power of peace, love & harmony

Illustrator Craig Hopson Works for non-profit SCIENCE FOR KIDS

(Free) web design illustration for CLS du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean based in Quebec. CLS are a non-profit organization promoting Science & the technologies to mainly young children.

Illustrator Craig Hopson / LAIT MILK POSTER

Wonderful to see my giant milk beaver poster in the metro station. The colours really do ping!

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