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Daniella Ferretti / Illustrating February’s horoscope for House Notes

Daniella Ferretti created an illustration for a horoscope spread in the February issue of House Notes, the Soho House’s monthly magazine. The article entitled, “Starry eyed,” discusses the impact of Mars on passion, drive and love.  Art directed by Niklas Juli, Ferretti highlights colors associated with Mars: deep warm reds and violet. Her celestial image of a […]

Daniella Ferretti / “Mesh” illustrations on exhibit

Daniella Ferretti submitted two illustrations to the 10th International Illustration Meeting of S.João da Madeira, that have been selected for a finalists’ exhibition featuring the works of 25 illustrators. Ferretti, inspired by the theme of this year’s exhibition, “Mesh,” created these two beautiful illustrations of people perched on trees flying kites and others fishing, to show the ‘mesh’ of fine […]

Daniella Ferretti / Four women far from home

A play that follows the trials and tribulations of four immigrant women working as domestic workers in Chile premiered in NYC in June. Nanas explores the impact of gender, class, and privilege on the lives of immigrant women far from their homes. Daniella Ferretti’s telling poster illustration, in muted pink and faded denim blue, conveys the loneliness and anonymity of life […]

Daniella Ferretti / Discovering Neptune: A simple dotted line

From an observatory in Berlin, on the night of September 23, 1846, the astronomer, Johann Galle, and his student, Heinrich d’Arrest, made a brilliant discovery.  Confirming their mathematical calculations, the pair discovered the planet, Neptune. Illustrating the auspicious moment for the scientific magazine, Principia, illustrator, Daniella Ferretti, created this imaginative composition of the two scientists placing […]

We’re thrilled to welcome Chilean illustrator, Daniella Ferretti to our Gang.

Daniella, is a Chilean illustrator, who currently works and lives in Barcelona, Spain. Daniella, has a colourful, conceptual style of illustration and is inspired by nature, travels and daily life. Committed to her craft, Daniela has also completed a Creative Illustration Postgraduate Degree.