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Motion & Animation

Denis Carrier / Funny Giphy

Denis Carrier loves making new funny things and decided to create little GIFs between two commissions. In a style more lo-fi and DIY, his GIFs are always funny with this touch of conceptual approach which is one of the key of Denis’s work. You can already see this first series in his portfolio and use […]

Denis Carrier / “Ligue du Lol”

Last week, Denis Carrier made a strong conceptual illustration about “La ligue du Lol” a group of anti feminist French journalists in twitter for the French edition of Grazia Magazine.

Denis Carrier / Waiting for Christmas

Since the beginning of December, Denis Carrier posts in his instagram a series of funny Christmas illustrations almost each day. A perfect way to discover his colourful work.

Denis Carrier / Gig posters featuring hip animals

Denis Carrier continues his series of gig posters begun in 2017.  In Carrier’s series of almost 100 posters, in each poster the illustrator depicts an animal, with spots, enjoying night life as it announces the location and date of an upcoming gig. The cast: a beetle, a rabbit, a groundhog and more, listen, dance the […]

Denis Carrier / Illustrations for Grazia magazine

For the past two years, Denis Carrier has been asked to create ongoing illustration for the French magazine, Grazia. Colorful and full of humor, Carrier’s illustrations focus on political news as it happens. His light touch with regard to illustrating social issues and world events makes his work accessible to a diverse group of people […]

Denis Carrier / Having fun with Le Parisien magazine

Denis Carrier’s summer series of colorful, conceptual illustrations on amusing questions appeared in Le Parisien magazine. Included are a rabbit made up to look like a pirate, a mounted deer’s head with antlers sprouting leaves, two beer mugs toasting one another and a tape measure that’s defining the border of a grid while an eye […]

Denis Carrier / A complex financial instrument for Barron’s

Denis Carrier created this minimalist, elegant illustration last week for Barron’s, a New York financial newspaper.  The topic of Carrier’s work: MLPs, a complex financial instrument that allows investors to buy an income stream based on oil profits.  

Denis Carrier / A selection of illustrations for Grazia magazine

Take a look at a selection of Denis Carrier’s illustrations for the French edition of Grazia magazine, a weekly women’s magazine which originated in Italy and now published in over 20 countries worldwide. Carrier’s illustrations highlighted international news last year. His inventive imagery, including a red tie with an underside featuring a shark’s mouth and a pen nub that […]

Denis Carrier / Where are the fish?

Denis Carrier plays with hidden images in his latest personal work presenting graphics of a toothbrush, an alarm clock, an apple, a penguin, a horse, a hare, a bat and a small plane.  He challenges viewers to find the fish in each illustration. In this series, Carrier explores children’s book illustration concepts.    

Illustrator Denis Carrier / Sexe and Virtual Reality

Denis Carrier made one of his funniest illustration last week for an article about the sex and virtual reality. Thanks again to the French version of Grazia magazine for accepting the concept.

Illustrator Denis Carrier / Deglobalization for White Paper

Few weeks ago, Denis Carrier made a very nice series of world globe about deglobalization for White Paper.

Denis Carrier illustrates Kill the Father for new French magazine

A new French magazine is coming and it’s about the contemporary fathers. Denis Carrier made a some illustrations for it, like this series which talks about the period when the children need to “Kill the father” for becoming themself.

Illustrator Denis Carrier / One Ride, One Illustration

Each opportunity is good for an illustration, that’s why Denis decided to make one drawing each time he rides his bike. And, here is a selection of these spring illustrations!

Illustrator Denis Carrier / Paternity

Next mounth, a new magazine about the paternity, called “Daron”, will be released in France. Denis Carrier is one of the lucky illustrator who has worked on few illustrations.

Illustrator Denis Carrier / The Power of the Software/ How the softwares can help an industry to be better ?

How the softwares can help an industry to be better ? This is the question that Denis Carrier had to illustrate few weeks ago for the Berenberg Magazine.

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