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Motion & Animation

Denis Carrier / A complex financial instrument for Barron’s

Denis Carrier created this minimalist, elegant illustration last week for Barron’s, a New York financial newspaper.  The topic of Carrier’s work: MLPs, a complex financial instrument that allows investors to buy an income stream based on oil profits.  

Denis Carrier / A selection of illustrations for Grazia magazine

Take a look at a selection of Denis Carrier’s illustrations for the French edition of Grazia magazine, a weekly women’s magazine which originated in Italy and now published in over 20 countries worldwide. Carrier’s illustrations highlighted international news last year. His inventive imagery, including a red tie with an underside featuring a shark’s mouth and a pen nub that […]

Denis Carrier / Where are the fish?

Denis Carrier plays with hidden images in his latest personal work presenting graphics of a toothbrush, an alarm clock, an apple, a penguin, a horse, a hare, a bat and a small plane.  He challenges viewers to find the fish in each illustration. In this series, Carrier explores children’s book illustration concepts.    

Illustrator Denis Carrier / Sexe and Virtual Reality

Denis Carrier made one of his funniest illustration last week for an article about the sex and virtual reality. Thanks again to the French version of Grazia magazine for accepting the concept.

Illustrator Denis Carrier / Deglobalization for White Paper

Few weeks ago, Denis Carrier made a very nice series of world globe about deglobalization for White Paper.

Denis Carrier illustrates Kill the Father for new French magazine

A new French magazine is coming and it’s about the contemporary fathers. Denis Carrier made a some illustrations for it, like this series which talks about the period when the children need to “Kill the father” for becoming themself.

Illustrator Denis Carrier / One Ride, One Illustration

Each opportunity is good for an illustration, that’s why Denis decided to make one drawing each time he rides his bike. And, here is a selection of these spring illustrations!

Illustrator Denis Carrier / Paternity

Next mounth, a new magazine about the paternity, called “Daron”, will be released in France. Denis Carrier is one of the lucky illustrator who has worked on few illustrations.

Illustrator Denis Carrier / The Power of the Software/ How the softwares can help an industry to be better ?

How the softwares can help an industry to be better ? This is the question that Denis Carrier had to illustrate few weeks ago for the Berenberg Magazine.

Illustrator Denis Carrier / Animals

Animals is a new series of conceptual illustrations made by Denis Carrier. Minimalist and funny as usual!

Illustrator Denis Carrier / Uk Taxes for Think Publishing

Few weeks ago, Denis Carrier collaborated with Think Publishing for two new conceptual illustrations about the Uk Taxes.

Illustrator Denis Carrier / From A to Z… for Grazia Magazine

“When the dictionary becomes the new literary genre fashionable” is the last article that Denis Carrier illustrated for the French edition of Grazia Magazine.

Illustrator Denis Carrier / Seven weird city names

Denis Carrier made a series of illustrations for Wings Magazine about the seven most strangest city names in Spain.

Illustrator Denis Carrier / Gang of Sunday Riders

Denis Carrier loves riding bikes during the week-end. So, few days ago, he decided to begin a series of riders in his “less is more” graphic style.

Illustrator Denis Carrier / Black & White & Pattern

During February Denis Carrier made some graphic and conceptual researches around the black and white illustration. Here are two of them!

Illustrator Denis Carrier the reality in working in Start-up, Heaven or Hell

For a recent article about the reality of working in a start-up in the French edition of Grazia Magazine, Denis Carrier made a new colorful and conceptual illustration.

Denis Carrier illustrates The Presidential Race & Social Media

Last week, Denis Carrier illustrated an article about the French presidential race in the social media for Grazia Magazine.

Illustrator Denis Carrier / why do you play sports ? for “La Maif”

In the beginning of the month, Denis Carrier made a series of illustrations for La Maif, a French insurer, about why we do play sports.

Illustrator Denis Carrier / Anatomy of a script

Last week, Denis Carrier paid tribute to the great Saul Bass for an article for Grazia Magazine about a Parisian MasterClass by John Truby, the famous script doctor.

Illustrator Denis Carrier / CAMERA

Denis Carrier signed a new conceptual gig poster! This time, this is for the German band Camera and its concert in the French city of Grenoble.

Illustrator Denis Carrier / Gig Poster

Last week, Denis Carrier made this riso poster for the band Stranded Horses which played in Grenoble (France).

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