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Motion & Animation

Nicolas Gremaud / Val de Rance – Bottle labels

Nicolas Gremaud illustrate 4 moments of lunch time for the Val de Rance bottle labels

Nicolas Gremaud / 7 secondes – La Pompadour Nicolas Gremaud made illustrations to promote “7 secondes” the new motion format proposed by La Pompadour production.

Nicolas Gremaud / Portrait of Emma Peel

Nicholas Gremaud’s illustration of Emma Peel is a continuation of his series of illustrations on the cinema. Peel’s sassy style, with gun in hand, is portrayed in Gremaud’s color wash portrait of the star of TV and screen.  

Nicolas Gremaud / Chris Rock for D magazine

Nicolas Gremaud created this portrait of Chris Rock for D magazine, a publication about news in and around Dallas, Texas. Gremaud captured Rock’s likeness and his signature smile in his pen and ink illustration.

Nicolas Gremaud / Mad Men’s Dick Draper and Megan Calvert

Nicolas Gremaud created this illustration of, Megan and Don, inspired by the famous couple from the series, Mad Men. Gremaud’s illustration shows a man on a couch smoking a cigarette while waiting for a woman in a short skirt to enter the room. His pen and ink illustration, with color washes, captures the mood of the series. In the […]

Nicolas Gremaud /Illustration/ BRETT

Tribute to Roger Moore – Personal work

Illustrator Nicolas Gremaud / Claudia Cardinale – Festival de Cannes

Tribute to Claudia Cardinale for the 70th Cannes Festival Anniversary

Grems / Quand je dis que j’ai un rendez-vous …

Grems made illustrations for the 2nd episode of a web series for the gay web site “” – (INPES) with “La Pompadour »

Illustrator Grems / Comment j’ai sauvé la Planète

Grems create characters for the web series : « Comment j’ai sauvé la Planète » – Client Bleu Blanc Coeur – Production agency : La Pompadour.


Grems made illustrations for a short animated movie for the UNIVERSITY FRANÇOIS-RABELAIS – TOURS/BLOIS with La Pompadour – production agency.

Grems / “Pourquoi s’assurer contre la Fraude” – EULER HERMES

Grems made illustrations for the 4th episode of the EULER HERMES web series with La Pompadour – Favorite du Programme Court

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