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Helena Pallares / The universe for Atlas Obscura

Helena Pallarés recently created an illustration for the American guidebook, Atlas Obscura. The article she illustrated is a profile of Hisako Koyama, a Japanese astronomer who devoted decades to drawing, then mapping out, sun spots. Sunspots appear as patches on the sun’s surface. Pallarés illustration shows the cosmos: the sun, sunspots, orbits and Koyama’s face.  All are part of […]

We’re very excited to have Helena Pallarés join our gang of talented Illustrators

Helena is a Spanish illustrator currently working and living in Paris. She graduated in Fine Arts from the Universidad de Castilla la Mancha after studying Graphic Design in her hometown Zaragoza. Having finished her university studies, she moved to Madrid and she started to work as a freelance illustrator for magazines, publishing houses and graphic […]