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Helena Pallares / To show works in Paris art exhibit

Illustrator, Helena Pallarés presented eight original, handmade works in the Analog Collagé Art exhibition in Paris on September 15th. The collective exhibition features six collagé artists from the Parisian Bliss Studio. Each artist represented possesses a very different visual style but all share one common technique.  They all work with handmade collagé.

Helena Pallarés / To participate in Bilbao’s Selected 2018

Spanish illustrator, Helena Pallarés, has been selected to participate in the international design festival, Selected 2018, this November in Bilbao, Spain. The festival will present 22 international artists working in the fields of art and design.  Of these, one artist is to be awarded the Stone and Wood award. During the festival, Pallarés will be […]

Helena Pallares / Portraits for the French blog on Paris Bonne Nouvelle

Helena Pallarés has paired up with Paris Bon Nouvelle, a Parisian tourism website that presents Paris from the points of view of people who live there. Pallarés creates a portrait to illustrate a blog that appears on the site each week. Four samples of Helena’s portraits for Paris Bon Nouvelle are shown above.      

Helena Pallarés / Farewell to an art director at Psychologie Heute magazine

Helena Pallarés was asked to create an illustration to be included in a giftbook for Ursula Nuber, chief art director for the German magazine, Psychologie Heute. Nuber, who recently retired, wanted a book with illustrations from all the illustrators she’d worked with while at the magazine. Pallarés created this portrait of Nuber for the art director’s farewell giftbook.    

Helena Pallarés / Male middle-age crisis for Glamour Spain

Helena Pallarés recently worked with Glamour, Spain illustrating an article about male middle-age crisis. The article, inspired by the French film, Rock’n Roll, features actors, Guillaume Canet, Marion Cotillard and Camille Rowe. Pallarés’ bright, playful collage illustration shows Canet clowning around on the guitar as the trio of stars assembles amid assorted baby paraphenalia: a bottle, pacifier and […]

Helena Pallarés / Portraits of Hollywood stars

Helena Pallarés illustrated an article for the German bank, Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. AG & Co.’s, quarterly magazine. The article talks about different acting techniques of renowned Hollywood stars. Pallarés created portraits of Marlon Brando, Kate Winslet and Daniel Day Lewis using her handmade collage technique that combines pencil drawing with cut paper.

Helena Pallarés / Young and divorced

Helena Pallarés illustrated an article for The Washington Post ‘s “The Lily,” a publication for millennial women that uses Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach its audience. The article Pallerés drew illustrations for addresses the experience of women who divorce at a young age. The illustrator created four collage images of women distressed by marital breakup.

Helena Pallarés / Illustrations on the works of Fernando Botero for Revue Dada

Helena Pallarés illustrated a recent issue of DADA, a French-language arts, culture, and fashion magazine. Pallarés’ collages on Colombian figurative artist and sculptor, Fernando Botero, included three full-page illustrations on recurring themes in the artist’s body of work: still life, bullfights and portraits of women. Helena also created a cartoon of the French painter, Jules Adler, painter of […]

Helena Pallares / The universe for Atlas Obscura

Helena Pallarés recently created an illustration for the American guidebook, Atlas Obscura. The article she illustrated is a profile of Hisako Koyama, a Japanese astronomer who devoted decades to drawing, then mapping out, sun spots. Sunspots appear as patches on the sun’s surface. Pallarés illustration shows the cosmos: the sun, sunspots, orbits and Koyama’s face.  All are part of […]

We’re very excited to have Helena Pallarés join our gang of talented Illustrators

Helena is a Spanish illustrator currently working and living in Paris. She graduated in Fine Arts from the Universidad de Castilla la Mancha after studying Graphic Design in her hometown Zaragoza. Having finished her university studies, she moved to Madrid and she started to work as a freelance illustrator for magazines, publishing houses and graphic […]