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Motion & Animation

Hugo Herrera / Transform without stopping

Hugo Herrera created a striking cover illustration and inside spread for Femsa Informa, a business magazine, for the feature, “Transform without stopping.” The article states the key to achieving goals is to be ready to evolve even ‘during flight.’  Herrera’s editorial illustration shows a plane ascending above a patchwork of land.

Hugo Herrera / Millennials: Myths And Realities

Hugo Herrera created an editorial illustration for Femsa Informa, a Spanish business magazine.  His spot illustration for the article “Millennials, Myths and Realities” explores common beliefs about the generation born from the 1980s through the early 2000s. Herrera has captured the vibe of millennials in his illustration of a man on his smartphone, wearing a crossbody […]

Hugo Herrera / Head In The Game

These colorful spot illustrations appeared alongside a short story in Marriott’s Traveler magazine, an online source of travel advice for patrons of Marriott hotels. The travel and lifestyle magazine is featuring Hugo Herrera’s lively, situational illustrations of working out, attending a business meeting, and peering out the window of a hotel room, with the short story, ‘Head In The Game.’

Hugo Herrera Illustrates How To Change The World?

Cover Illustration For Vocero Magazine: How To Change The World? Client: Periscopio Media

Illustrator Hugo Herrera / It’s Time To Evaluate

Illustration for FEMSA Informa, Business Magazine #60. Article: It’s Time To Evaluate An invaluable tool of our business model is the ‘Performance Evaluation’, vital for the growth of the collaborator and the company

illustrator Hugo Herrera / Energy Production Process

Poster for Skill Set Teacher’s Resource Center 4 Client: Macmillan Publisher Mexico SA de CV

Illustrator Hugo Herrera / Cover and Interior Illustration for FEMSA INFORMA Magazine #58, Article: ‘To Move Ahead With Certainty’

‘Talent management takes a different path, becoming in one of the main tools in order to achieve the business goals’

Illustrator Hugo Herrera / Set of posters for english student’s book #5

Set of posters for english student’s book #5 Theme: Global Warming / Landscapes Client: Macmillan Publisher Mexico SA de CV

Illustrator Hugo Herrera / Spot Illustration for Femsa Informa Business Magazine, Article: It’s Time To Take A Breath

‘Our pace of life often leads us to lose control, what do we need to be the masters of our own emotional boat?’

Illustrator Hugo Herrera / Femsa Informa Magazine 55, llustration: Corporate Culture, The True Face

The principles and beliefs practiced in a company reveal their personality, creating a corporate culture so recognizable and unique, like a fingerprint

Hugo Herrera / Spot Illustration for ‘Expansion’, Business Magazine

Spot Illustration for ‘Expansion’, Business Magazine. Article titled: ‘Without Crossing The Border’. For mexicans living just a feet away from the US border, the increase in US dollar against the mexican peso has become in a very attractive opportunity for selling products of domestic manufacture.

Ilustrator Hugo Herrera / Femsa Informa Magazine #53

Illustration for a monthly corporate magazine. Here I was asked to illustrate an article about ‘having the right leaders with a defined profile as part of a global strategy’.