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Motion & Animation

Jacob Myrick / Boston Globe Sunday Book Review

Jacob Myrick illustrated the book review of “A Manual for Cleaning Women” by Lucia Berlin for the Boston Globe Sunday Book Review section. The scene is a snapshot from the title story showing the contrast between the lives of the workers and guests at a Mexican hotel.

Jacob Myrick / “What Scares Me Right Now …” for Ad Age

Jacob Myrick was commissioned by Ad Age to create a series of illustrations created for their “What Scares Me Right Now …” feature. The article describes the fears of advertising execs: the thought that every agency may be just a few calls away from oblivion in a world of rapid change, hyped, fake news and […]

We’re thrilled to welcome North Carolina illustrator Jacob Myrick to our Gang!

Jacob Myrick is an American illustrator and animator currently based in North Carolina. He enjoys creating morose and emotional little worlds with strange characters to explore editorial concepts. His favorite colors are black, pink, and teal.