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Jeffrey Delzer / Hollywood’s “Frankenstein”

Jeffrey Delzer has created this “Hollywood monster” using components of the filmmaking industry to symbolize the widespread abuses currently being reported in the film industry. Delzer’s “Frankenstein” puts the focus on the entire industry instead of just one man, illustrating the need to address the systemic abuses of power in Hollywood.    

Jeffrey Delzer / Harvey Weinstein

Jeffrey Delzer draws attention to Harvey Weinstein’s recent Hollywood scandal by portraying the movie mogul as a predator in camouflage, wielding weapons equipped with silencers to symbolize the intimidation techniques he employed in his sexual abuse of women. On a backdrop of mannequins of women–meant to represent the objectification of women–Delzer illustrates Weinstein’s perception of women […]

Jeffrey Delzer / A key to unlocking minds

Jeffrey Delzer provides a key to unlocking minds in his illustration of two people; each reaching for the other’s hand. Delzer points to a lack of open dialogue as a societal dilemma that holds us back from social progress on many fronts in his editorial illustration.    

Jeffrey Delzer / Taking a Knee

Jeffrey Delzer comments on athletes, in particular, American football players, taking a knee during the national anthem to demonstrate against perceived inequality and injustice. Delzer draws attention to the controversy that has stirred new dialogue regarding freedom of speech versus patriotism. Delzer’s illustration conveys the conflict players feel in making the choice to stand or kneel. Uncle Sam symbolizes […]

Jeffrey Delzer / What constitutes warranted force?

Jeffrey Delzer’s graphic depiction of a black chess piece falling while a white chess piece–with a police helmet on it–remains standing, is the illustrator’s comment on police brutality and race. Delzer questions warranted vs. unwarranted force in his compelling editorial illustration on the controversy of whether police exert force equally among people of different races and creeds […]

Jeffrey Delzer / Race and conflict in America

Jeffrey Delzer’s new work focuses on race relations in America.  Delzer shows the duality that emerges as we discuss race relations in his creation of a dual-headed monster. A metaphor for the tension and conflict that plague us as we take a closer look at race relations and equality, his graphic political illustration expresses the intensity of the conversation on race.  

Jeffrey Delzer / Trump tweets

Jeffrey Delzer comments on President Trump’s relationship with Twitter.  Picturing disheveled blond hair where Twitter’s mascot songbird nests atop a red-faced Trump as he blows feathers from his mouth, Delzer reveals the oddly un-presidential obsession Trump has with social media.  His tweets raise eyebrows and draw critics from around the globe.    

Jeffrey Delzer / A precarious balancing act

Jeffrey Delzer’s comment on gun ownership and gun control in the United States.  In light of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, Delzer depicts Uncle Sam balancing precariously on a pair of long guns.  Uncle Sam wears Trump’s characteristic long red necktie in Delzer’s political illustration.  

We’re thrilled to welcome Milwaukee illustrator, Jeff Delzer to our Gang.

Jeff Delzer is a United States Midwest illustrator based in Milwaukee, WI. After graduating the Illinois Institute of Art and Design he pursued graphic design working in both Chicago and Milwaukee.