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Motion & Animation

Jessie Ford / Gardener, Heal Thyself

Here’s a lovely sunny floral piece that I did for Saga Magazine in the UK. It’s so bitterly cold in England right now. This illustration is making me daydream for sunshine, picnics in the park and long Summer evenings… Roll on summertime!

Jessie Ford / Christmas food packaging for ‘Irresistibles’

Jessie Ford had the pleasure of working on this festive foodie project with Pigeon Brands, a fantastic design company based in Montreal with art director, Jessika Neal. Her Nordic inspired illustrations feature foxes, flowers, leaves and snowflakes, in a flowing repeat pattern, to create a Christmassy feel to the brand. The tasty holiday range includes delicious […]

Jessie Ford / Halloween Chocolate Boxes for Godiva

Jessie Ford’s work for chocolate genius, Godiva, creating imagery for their “Halloween Magic” candy boxes. Ford had fun creating characters for these sweets boxes. Her smiling pumpkins and cats, surrounded by stars, moons and autumn leaves, give the boxes a fun, festive holiday look. Her designs are also featured in store and on window displays this […]

Jessie Ford / Cover illustration for Viva magazine

Jessie Ford was honored to have her illustration appear on the cover of the October issue of Viva magazine.  Ford was interviewed in the issue about her work as an illustrator. She described her creative journey, then and now. Viva‘s theme this month is food. Ford says that theme suits her perfectly.  “I love nothing […]

Jessie Ford / Book cover for Happy Girl Lucky

Jessie Ford was excited to work with Harper Collins, UK on the first of a new series of books by acclaimed author, Holly Smale. Ford met Smale, who lives in Brighton, England, when the author came to look at a desk in Ford’s studio earlier this year. Ford had been working on Smale’s book, never […]

Jessie Ford / Godiva boxes

Jessie Ford’s lovely chocolate boxes designed for Godiva this year are sold exclusively in Japan for chocolate lovers. The boxes, pictured here, are samples shipped to Jessie—who lives in the UK—from Japan. White Day is an annual festival in Japan that follows Valentine’s Day festivities. On White Day, it’s a tradition for women to give […]

Jessie Ford / Illustrating Godiva Valentine’s Boxes

Jessie Ford reveals the packaging illustration she’s designed this year for Godiva’s Valentine’s Campaign. Ford’s box illustrations are now available online and in stores in countries around the world. Ford worked on a wide range of designs for Godiva. Just a few of her completed designs are showcased here. Jessie’s task was to create uplifting, joyful and spring-like imagery for use on differently-sized […]

Jessie Ford / Jessie Ford featured in Breathe Magazine

Jessie Ford’s illustration was featured in Breathe magazine’s September issue. Breathe is a magazine dedicated to well-being, creativity and mindfulness. Ford discusses her creative challenges and her love of illustration.  The article on Ford delves into the psyche of the artist living in today’s world. Each magazine comes with two pull-out typographic posters of Ford’s work which is also […]

Illustrator Jessie Ford / She Believed… Positive Quostes

In keeping with my current project of positive quotes, here’s another to brighten your day! I especially love this one – a sentiment close to my heart!

Jessie Ford / Every Day…Personal Piece

Positive quote, number 2! I’m enjoying making these personal pieces. Feels good to concentrate on the good stuff of life!

Jessie Ford Illustrates, Hello Sunshine!

Life in the UK has been pretty bleak of late… with attacks in Manchester & London, political in-fighting, Brexit looming on the horizon… I felt the need to create some positive artwork to lighten my mood! I hope this picture lifts your spirits and puts a spring in your step!

Illustrator Jessie Ford / Foliage Pattern Products

I’ve been busy at the UK trade fairs this last 6 weeks, securing licensing deals for my illustrations! It’s so exciting to see my work placed onto products and seeing them in a different format. They take on a whole new life, and it’s such a buzz to see them instore!

Illustrator Jessie Ford / Sneaker Designs!

Here’s a personal piece of work that I did earlier in the year. How cool would these look if they were actually made?! Perhaps I need to find a way to bring these to life… Would love to work on a project like this!

Illustrator Jessie Ford / Beer & Pie

Looking forward to Thanksgiving?! This cute commission was so much fun to do! Featuring two of my favourite things, 5280 Magazine, commissioned me to illustrate a feature on how to pair the correct craft beer to the right pie! Yum.

Illustrator Jessie Ford / Shelves

This colourful illustration was created for the magazine Create-Zine, in the UK. A few of my own enamel jugs appear in there, as well as my new favourite plants… cacti!

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