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Joe Anderson / An insider’s look at Brexit

Joe Anderson created an illustration for the Financial Times on how Brexit has led to a split in the UK. “The debate is more like a brawl between right and wrong, guilty and not guilty, and often, between London and the rest of the country,” notes author and comic, Shazia Mirza. The article on comedy in […]

Joe Anderson / The many faces of anxiety

Joe Anderson tackles anxiety in his illustration of a man with many faces.  Anderson’s cubist-inspired illustration represents the many faces of anxiety and the varied ways this all-too-common condition expresses itself. Features disconnected and distorted; sadness, confusion, depression, are all depicted in this oversized head without clear boundaries or edges.    

Joe Anderson / The First Post-Car Metropolis for the Financial Times

Joe Anderson created an illustration for the Financial Times, on September 6th, for a column by Simon Kuper on how Paris is poised to be the first post-car metropolis.  Kruger suggests the city’s parking spaces will become bike or scooter paths, café terraces or playgrounds when cars no longer clog the thoroughfares of Paris. Anderson’s editorial […]

Joe Anderson / Angela Merkel for the Financial Times

Joe Anderson created a political illustration of Angela Merkel with a focus on her trademark hand position; her ‘body language of power,’ for the Financial Times. The shape Merkel makes with her hands when posing for photographs is called the raute, or diamond. Anderson’s illustration shows Merkel wearing a jacket printed with faces of German citizens. They want to comment, but their comment bubbles, like those used […]

Joe Anderson / Smile for the camera

Joe Anderson’s colorful and fun illustration of a mob of paparazzi shows us there’s no escaping the glare of the bright lights when you’re famous. Clicking the shutters of their cameras as the latest celebrity emerges from a closed door or onto the red carpet, a gang of photographers awaits to take their best shot. Anderson uses bold graphic shapes […]

Joe Anderson / Vanishing pension pie

Joe Anderson’s colorful illustration on the plight of employee pensions appears in the August/September issue of The Progressive. Illustrating an editorial piece entitled, “Work hard, die poor: The corporate attack on employee pensions” Anderson shows workers staring at the last piece of the pension pie. The article, by Gordon Lafer, discusses a relentless legislative attack by the […]

Illustrator Joe Anderson / Backpacker

It’s almost that time of year!

Illustrator Joe Anderson / New England India Pale Ale Is a Style

For The Beer Advocate on the proliferation of New England style hazy IPAs.

Illustrator Joe Anderson / How to Host a Dinner Party

For The Holborn on how to host a dinner party.

Illustrator Joe Anderson / In the Park

It’s almost that time of year!

Illustrator Joe Anderson / Magnificent Corpse

I am excited to share the launch of @magnificentcorpse on Instagram! Based on a game the Surrealists played, this will be a story collectively assembled one illustration at a time. Each artist continues the narrative based on the previous post and picks the next artist in line. Follow along and watch the story unfold!

Illustration Joe Anderson / Making Space

Clear some space people! It’s a noisy world out there.

Illustrator Joe Anderson / Miracles

This piece was inspired by a Pablo Picasso quote I recently discovered: “Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one’s bath like a lump of sugar.”

Anna Goodson Illustration Agency Welcomes Washington Illustrator, Joe Anderson

Joe Anderson works from his seaside studio in the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State. With a background in art, graphic design, and elementary education, Joe enjoys creating illustrations for a variety of publications. He is a keen gardener, outdoor enthusiast, and passionate traveler.