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Motion & Animation

Juan Casal / Animations for Comedy Central Fest

Juan Casal created these animations for the Stand Up Festival, a feature of Comedy Central Fest in Mexico City. A pan-regional comedy showcase promoted by Samsung, the festival features guest artists, Isaac Salame, Slobotzky, Raúl G. Meneses, Ese Wey and other stand-up acts all together in one venue. Casal’s colorful animations feature characters promoting the comedy event.

Juan Casal / Pop art retro tableau

Juan Casal created this vibrant, abstract background as a recent addition to his portfolio. Inspired by comics and Pop art, Casal exploits an interplay of colors, shapes and 3-D imagery in this retro tableau.  

Juan Casal / Colorful characters

Juan Casal’s characters are colorful, zany, outrageous and fun.  Whether a puffy hairdo on a cat, mod glasses on an executive or rainbow-colored hair on a dog, Casal’s characters are clearly lovable. Here are a few portraits of his imaginative characters from recent projects.  

Juan Casal / Getting in shape with friends

Juan Casal recently created an illustration entitled, “Fitness Halloween” for PC Financial. An all-star and all-red cast includes Frankenstein, a witch, a skeleton and a box of popcorn. The motley crew pedals together and shares a few laughs.

Juan Casal / The zine posters: Mercurio in action

This bright and bold comics-style online zine in red, white, and blue presents the heroic Mercurio in a sequential series of posters. The delightful and artful Mercurio series is printed on a risograph. The illustrations depict, in poster form, the exploits of a comics-style tragic hero in decorative stylistic detail.

Juan Casal/ “Choose happy”

This overstuffed hot pink piggy bank, bursting with dollar bills and coins, was created as an animated .gif for KOODO Mobile, a phone company based in Canada. Their slogan, “Choose happy”  is perfectly illustrated by this smilingly plump pig delighted with his savings.    

Juan Casal / Design & Animation /Gender right Identity

Disclosure campaign of Gender right identity for the State of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I made Design and Animation

Illustrator Juan Casal / Pulichinella

Pulichinella is a classical character that originated in commedia dell’arte of the 17th century and became a stock character in Neapolitan puppetry.

Illustrator Juan Casal / Judicial Power – Mediations

Full development of 4 spots for the public welfare campaign promoted by the Judicial Power of Buenos Aires. 2017 This one was about Mediations

Juan Casal / Kids video clips

Animated graphics for 3 video clips for the children band Valor Vereda, on the argentinian channel Paka Paka. I did the graphics and animation.

Juan Casal Illustrates / Football

Self promotional illustration.

Illustrator Juan Casal / AGIA Christmas Coaster Promo 2017

2016 Coaster! and some work in progress inspired in cool canadian people.

Illustrator Juan Casal / PC Financial Halloween

illustration for animated spot for the bank PC Financial. Halloween style. Sid Lee Ad Agency.

Illustrator Juan Casal / PC Financial

We Hate Fees Storyboard for PC Financial Bank, produced by Sid Lee.

Illustrator Juan Casal / Lait Solid Liquid – Super Hero

A super hero fling in space with his gorgeous cape waving. Super drinks milk every morning and his strong and powerfull. LG2 made a graphic campaign for Lait and this is my contribution to the project.

Illustrator/Animator Juan Casal / Natrel – Milk Bar

Two cute and funny animated loops to introduce the new Toronto Milk Bar by Natrel.

Juan Casal / Elisha

Full graphic package for the children show Elisha. Elisha is the name of the main character of this story. He is a grown-up man that has to go back to elementary school to receive his grandfather’s heritage. Completely drawn and animated by hand. I did the show’s open, promo package, lowers, info bars, closes, endpages […]

Juan Casal / Children’s Book release

In the Buenos Aires Book Fair 2015, Nicolas Pauls (actor, musician, writer) and Juan Casal (Illustrator, Art director), presented Feliz Escape (Happy Escape) his first children’s book together. Publish by Una Luna Editorial. Kids said they are happier now.