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Motion & Animation

Laura Perez / Promotion for Barreira College of Art

Laura Perez created a promotional illustration for the Barreira Master of Illustration and Visual Art program in Valencia, Spain. Barreira A+D, a private college of art in the region of Valencia, offers degrees in graphic design, fashion design, interior design and 3D animation. Her image of an art student sketching on a park bench while […]

Laura Perez / Balancing work and social media

An illustration by Laura Pérez on work and social media will appear in the November issue of Family Circle.  The article, by Jodi Glickman, gives tips on social media use and understanding company policies. According to Glickman, every industry has different standards when it comes to social media on the job.  The article also discusses friending your boss, how […]

Laura Perez / Exhibiting editorial illustration in China

Illustrator, Laura Perez, is participating in the 2017 Illustration and Contemporary Life Exhibition, in Beijing, this October.  The exhibition is being held by the Research Center of International Illustration, in cooperation with Prince Gong’s Mansion and the Ministry of Culture, in China. Perez has created a series on situational illustrations of people in public places.  Her […]

Laura Pérez / Breaking it off with a personal trainer

Laura Pérez created this illustration for D magazine of a woman attempting to break things off with a personal trainer. The article, written anonymously by a woman who won a free month of personal training in a gift bag at a Kentucky Derby party, describes how difficult it was to stop training sessions when what began as […]

Laura Pérez / The new girl

Laura Pérez illustrated The New Girl’s Manual, a feature by Carmen P. Benedict currently in Brio magazine, a faith-based magazine for teenage girls. Pérez employs a narrative style of editorial illustration in this image of school girls in class.  Her natural drawing style and muted color palette is a perfect match for the tone of Benedict’s article.    

A New cover illustration for The Washington Post by illustrator Laura Perez

Laura Pérez creates the cover and two interior illustrations for The Washington Post travel issue `The Solo Issue´ Art Director: Jose Soto

Illustrator Laura Perez / The Washington Post

Laura Pérez illustrates an article for The Washington Post, Travel section. How an unusual hashtag led to a personalized visit to an obscure area of the Netherlands By Ross Kenneth Urken Art Director Jose Soto

Illustrator Laura Perez / Eyes

Personal illustration Eyes.

Illustrator Laura Perez / Algar Editorial

Laura Pérez illustrates the cover and the black and white illustrations for the book Puedo borrarme de Vampiro? Algar Editorial. Written by Braulio Llamero

Illustrator Laura Perez / B•SUAL

Illutration for a collective exhibition B•SUAL in Barcelona. Organizated by Hits with Tits. B•SUAL is part of CaraB Music Festival

Illustrator Laura Perez / Coup de Pouce

Laura Pérez illustrates for Coup de Pouce ´La recette de bonheur au travail

Illustrator Laura Perez / The Institut Valencià d’Art Modern

Laura Pérez creates an illustration for The Institut Valencià d’Art Modern. Part of a postcard´s project were different artist show their personal view of the city.

Illustrator Laura Perez / Connected

Illustration about how advertising affects our landscape in the city

Illustrator Laura Perez / Out for dinner

Illustration that focus personal views in public spaces.

Illustrator Laura Perez / Benimaclet Cultural Agenda

Laura Pérez illustrates the cover for Benimaclet Cultural Agenda. Benimaclet is a neighborhood in Valencia, Spain.

Illustrator Laura Perez / Graphic Novel Náufragos

Laura Pérez creates with the screenplayer Pablo Monforte, a Graphic Novel Náufragos, published with Salamandra Graphic in Spain. Náufragos won the IX Fnac Salamandra Graphic International Award.

Illustrator Laura Perez / Bloomsbury

Laura Pérez illustrates the cover book for Autobiographical Comics,. A complete critical guide to its history, forms and contexts, Autobiographical Comics helps readers explore the increasingly popular genre of comic book life writing.

Illustrator Laura Perez / 3×3 mag Awards

The Cover illustration for De Muerte book, has been selected as `merit ´ at the 3x3mag awards No.13 Picture Book Show.

Illustrator Laura Perez / DMagazine

Illustration for DMagazine, Dallas. `What Happens When Your Smartphone Is Hacked´

Illustrator Laura Perez / American Airlines

Laura Pérez illustrates `Finding Om in Ojai ´ and somadome benefits for American Airlines/ American Way.

Illustrator Laura Perez / Ayntamiento de Valencia

Laura Pérez illustrated the streets of Valencia for the campaign Ciutat Vella recupera el carrer (Ciutat Vella recovers the street) promoted by Sustainable Mobility.

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