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Leonard Beard / Bad manners among political opponents. El Periódico de Catalunya, opinion illustration

The article talks about how behaviours between political opponents is degraded lately in Spain, due to a greater polarization and an increase in populist attitudes.

Leonard Beard / Written into a will for The Guardian Weekend magazine

Leonard Beard created an illustration for The Guardian Weekend magazine on a will with malicious intent. An anonymous author writes about how she and her sister escaped abusive parents only to revisit their vindictive natures upon reading their deceased parents’ will. Beard shows a black crow perched on a framed photo of the sisters’ mother to represent a […]

Leonard Beard / An oversized piggy bank and three big financial challenges

This curious editorial illustration of a businessman looking into the distance while walking an oversized piggy bank by the leash appeared in London’s Financial News in May.  The article, by Christian Edelmann, exposes the three big challenges facing global universal banking. The illustrator’s outrageous sense of scale is both comical and perplexing; encouraging the reader to discover the author’s […]

Illustrator Leonard Beard / Book cover. Sembra Llibres

Book cover. El gran futur. Giuseppe Catozzella. Published by Sembra Llibres.

Leonard Beard Illustrates / Més Diumenge, El Periódico de Catalunya

‘Paperweight’. Article about people good-for-nothing, without initiative nor own thoughts. By Risto Mejide.

Illustrator Leonard Beard / Guardian Weekend Magazine

Knowing you, knowing me. Article by Louise Chunn. Should analysts keep their lives offline – and is it OK if they look for you?

Illustrator Leonard Beard / Personal work

Ink sketch. Sunday morning at friends house near B. Aires. Pentel brush ink pen on Canson Croquis paper, 90g. A4. January 2017

Illustrator Leonard Beard / Commercial Observer

Your next broker? Cover illustration about firms using robots as brokers right now.

Illustrator Leonard Beard / El Periódico de Catalunya

The internet bubble. Opinion article illustration.

Illustrator Leonard Beard / El periódico de Catalunya

Opinion article illustration about artificial meat research.

Illustrator Leonard Beard / The Guardian Weekend magazine

Article ‘ From me to you with love’. Jon McGregor invited strangers to send him a letter in the post – about anything they wanted.

Illustrator Leonard Beard / El segon sexe (El Periódico de Catalunya)

Wasted Intelligence. Article by Ángeles González-Sinde. The difficulty to progress in scientific areas for women in Spain.

Illustrator Leonard Beard / El Periódico de Catalunya

Opinion article illustration. ‘We need monsters’ by Jenn Díaz.

Illustrator Leonard Beard / EL Periódico de Catalunya

Opinion article illustration. Article by Olga Merino. Lilith’s daughters. The path towards equality should also leave space in the fiction to female violent characters.

Illustrator Leonard Beard / I don’t have time. El Periódico de Catalunya

Opinion article Illustration about how new technologies and a continuous accelerated life provoke not having enough time for ourselves.

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