Leonard Beard

Leonard Beard was born in England, very soon his family moved to Barcelona where he developed his career as a painter and later as an illustrator. He actually works worldwide from his studio in a tiny village placed between the Pyrenees and the northern east coast of Spain, not far from the city of Girona. His principal concern is to consider each illustration as a true piece of Art. Leonard’s work applies to a distinguishable and personal style matured trough years of experience. A unique blend of British irony and Mediterranean spirit. The images he builds never lead to indifference. His work is outstanding either in editorial and publishing, advertising or any area within illustration needs to be an efficient and powerful Communication tool. Clients: Guardian Weekend Magazine, El Periódico de Catalunya, Dominical, Atlanta Magazine, The Commercial Observer, Arnold, Courrier International, Dallas Magazine, Northeastern Lawyers Magazine, IESE Insight Magazine, Universitat de Girona, Vinçon, Editorial Planeta, Galaxia Gutemberg, Edicions 62, Ara Llibres, Blackie Books, Sembra Llibres, Editorial CruïIlla, Librooks, Quaderns Crema - Acantilado.


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