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Marcos Ramos Celis / Label illustrations for 7 Primos

Marcos Ramos Celis created two label illustrations for 7 Primos (7 Cousins), a brand of tequila made in Lara, Venezuela: a Cocuy liqueur made from agave, a spirit with unique aromatic quality and taste. Both of Ramos Celis’ artful label designs feature a decorative number 7.  One label is of a man carrying an agave on his shoulder […]

Marcos Ramos Celis / Art and illustration as a form of protest

Marcos Ramos Celis illustrated a report entitled, “Venezuela rebels against Maduro, a coup d’art” for El Español, one of Spain’s major online newspapers.  The report, by Edurne Pujol, explores how illustration has become a form of protest against dictatorship. Ramos Celis’ caricature of a dictator dressed like a prostitute, and his powerful illustration of a masked […]

Marcos Ramos Celis / Venezuela today

Marcos Ramos Celis’ compelling illustration is a recent commission for Courrier International and appeared on the cover of the newspaper.  Venezuela in times of dictatorship chronicles the current political climate in Venezuela. With more than 120 people dead, 5,000 arbitrarily detained; and in light of the persecution of opposition leaders and journalists, the article questions why a […]

Marcos Ramos Celis / Larger than life

Marcos Ramos Celis’ editorial illustration for The Washington Post’s Style section accompanied a comment piece by Post senior editor, Marc Fisher, on the pro-Trump Cable TV Channel, “One America News (OAN).” OAN, based in San Diego, made its debut in the opening weeks of the Trump campaign. The channel became the first to carry Trump’s campaign speeches […]

Marcos Ramos Celis / Illustrates The maker of worlds

In life as in the universe everything is relative, only God that higher energy that is everywhere … is absolute

We’re thrilled to welcome Venezuelan illustrator, Marcos Ramos Celis to our Gang.

Marcos Alexander Ramos Celis,, lives and works in Venezuelan. He was worked for many years in Graphic Designer, before concentrating all his time on illustration. His style lies in showing reality in an ironic way through his illustrations.