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Marilyn Faucher / My love is for you – Orca book publishers

Marilyn Faucher was commissioned by Orca book publishers Canada to illustrated the magnificent prose of Susan Musgrave. My love is for you is about the purity, strength and sweetness of love with simple joys from nature experienced through the seasons.

Marilyn Faucher / Chenelière education – Primary school book

Marilyn was commissioned by Chenelière Éducation, to create seven illustrations of a primary school book in Quebec. This book will be released in spring, stay tunned!

Marilyn Faucher / Holiday promotions for Mattamy homes

Marilyn Faucher’s commission for Mattamy homes, a homebuilder based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, founded by Peter Gilgan. Faucher created two billboards to celebrate the holidays. Mattamy is the largest builder of residential homes in Canada.

Marilyn Faucher / Goodnight pain for Tylenol

Marilyn Faucher created a series of illustrations for a kit for parents to better understand a baby’s pain. Stories about infant pain, its common causes and what can be done to ease pain, are all discussed in an informational kit for parents distributed by Tylenol. Entitled, “Goodnight Pain,” this stylistically unique format informs parents how to handle […]

Marilyn Faucher / La fabuleuse nuit de Noël

Marilyn Faucher just released her first book, La fabuleuse nuit de Noël. Faucher is both author and illustrator of this Christmas tale arriving just in time for the holidays. La fabuleuse nuit de Noël is a story about courage, friendship, and support that encourages kids to believe in themselves. Faucher’s fabulous Christmas night includes reindeer, a sleigh, a […]

Marilyn Faucher / The Baltimore Sun’s Fall Arts Guide

Marilyn Faucher was asked to illustrate the cover of a special edition of the Fall Arts Guide for The Baltimore Sun. The Fall Arts Guide 2017, published on September 3rd, covers cultural events from music to film festivals. Faucher’s cover illustration of a young man and young woman painting a mural on a brick wall that reads, ‘Fall Arts […]

Marilyn Faucher / A place like home

Marilyn Faucher created this illustration for CHU Sainte-Justine, one of the largest pediatric hospitals in Canada. Faucher is portraying the warmth and ambience of CHU-Sainte-Justine in this illustration published to promote the hospital on social media. A mother seated in a recliner, holds the newborn she gave birth to at CHU Sainte-Justine as her young child and husband look on and hospital staff […]

Illustrator Marilyn Faucher / Un ami lumineux

Marilyn Faucher was commissioned by La Courte échelle to illustrate a children’s book named Un ami Lumineux from the author Simon Boulerice.

Illustrator Marilyn Faucher / Les miels d’Anicet

Marilyn Faucher was commissioned by Les miels d’Anicet to illustrate a custom postcard to thank their clients during the holiday season.

Illustrator Marilyn Faucher / Mon ami Lumineux

Marilyn Faucher was commissioned by La Courte échelle to illustrate a children’s book named Mon ami Lumineux from the author Simon Boulerice. The book will be release in spring 2017.

Illustrator Marilyn Faucher / Animals do, too!

Marilyn Faucher was commissioned by Kids can press to illustrate a children’s book named Animals do, too! from the author Etta Kaner. The book will be release in spring 2017, stay tuned!

Illustrator Marilyn Faucher / D’hivers Danois – Bouffe media

Marilyn Faucher was commissioned by Bouffe media magazine to illustrate an article about Danish traditions in winter.

Illustrator Marilyn Faucher / 10 on a Qamutiik

Marilyn Faucher was commissioned by Inhabit media to illustrate an educational picture book. Unfortunately, the project ended before it comes to term.

Illustrator Marilyn Faucher / Sneak peek – Christmas magic

Marilyn is currently working on a personal book project called Christmas magic.

Illustrator Marilyn Faucher / GRIS-Montreal

Marilyn Faucher create an illustration for the 30th anniversary book of GRIS-Montréal celebrating the incredible work of the organization through various testimony.

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