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Motion & Animation

Michelle Thompson illustrates for the Cheltenham festivals.

For the second year running Michelle was asked to illustrate the four Cheltenham Festivals.

Michelle Thompson Illustrates Energy Systems for Catapult Annual Report

Michelle worked with design company Apropos to create Energy Systems Catapults Annual report. Michelle created a library of images describing the human impact of the energy system and how energy affects our lives.

Illustrator Michelle Thompson / LeHigh Magazine/How quickly do preschoolers learn

Michelle was asked to illustrate an article on How quickly do preschoolers learn.

Illustrator Michelle Thompson / Inside Housing magazine/ Break the cycle of gang violence.

Michelle was asked to illustrate an article on a new initiative, to break the cycle, of gang violence in London.

Illustrator Michelle Thompson for Hoppy Beer.

Michelle was asked to produce two images for Hoppy beers 2017 calendar.

Illustrator Michelle Thompson / CPA Magazine.

Illustration about Garrett Camp, the cofounder of Uber.

Illustrator Michelle Thompson Illustrates for The Village Voice.

Michelle’s first job of the year was an article for The Village Voice on Jinx Lennon.

Illustrator Michelle Thompson – BuzzFeed

Michelle was asked to illustrate the abortion trial everyone will be watching in Trump’s America.

Illustrator Michelle Thompson/ Innovation.

Michelle worked on a piece earlier on in the year about being switched on in business, for online magazine Innovation.

Illustrator Michelle Thompson/ Home sense and The Princes Trust.

Michelle worked with Homesense, on a project for The Prices Trust. Hang a Bauble campaign and The Prince’s Trust Achieve Programme is all about supporting vulnerable young people in our local communities.

Illustrator Michelle Thompson / Trump.

Michelle’s personal response to the US elections.

Illustrator Michelle Thompson / Inside Housing.

London’s mayor Saqid Khan publishes a guide on London housing politics.

Illustrator Michelle Thompson / LA magazine.

The Experiment, in the 1970’s West LA’s University began hosting a school within a school.

Illustration Michelle Thompson / Discover South Kensington.

Michelle was asked to illustrate Discover South Kensington’s partners. Illustrating amazing exhibitions, inspiring events and great places to eat in the home of science, arts and inspiration.

Illustrator Michelle Thompson / Baffler magazine.

An illustration response to the writer’s piece on Atheists.

Illustrator Michelle Thompson / Investment Advisor.

Michelle was asked to illustrate a piece about questions TFC Financial’s Dan Kern would like to ask Trump and Clinton.

Illustrator Michelle Thompson / Politico.

Michelle was asked to illustrate a piece on Clinton and Trump. ““““““

Illustrator Michelle Thompson / The Sunday Times magazine.

Michelle was asked to illustrate a piece on the upcoming Olympics in Rio for The Sunday Times magazine.

Illustrator Michelle Thompson / American Cowboy.

Michelle was asked to illustrate an article about the presidential election and how it effects ranchers.

Illustrator Michelle Thompson / Elite Traveler.

Michelle was asked to illustrate this months Flight of Fancy for Elite Traveler. Have you ever fancied having the run of an exquisite Indian Royal Palace?

Illustrator Michelle Thompson/ Elite Traveler.

Flight of Fancy, Michelle was asked to illustrate a piece about hot tubs on the Matterhorn.

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