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Motion & Animation

Pablo / Portrait of Haruki Murakami for Spiegel Literature

Pablo recently completed a portrait of writer, Haruki Murakami, for the German magazine, Speiegel Literature. Pablo’s cubist-inspired style of editorial illustration shows the writer in faux-3D brandishing a sword.

Pablo / Creating labels for a line of men’s toiletries

Pablo was commissioned to create labels for a line of toiletries for men, made in Italy. Pablo illustrated the line of fragrances and lotions–named TuttoTondo–with abstracted figures in his signature style; one swinging a golf club and the other fencing.    

Pablo / Top-earning celebrities no longer with us for Forbes

Pablo created 13 portraits of top-earning celebrities who are no longer with us for Forbes magazine. His illustrations include portraits of Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Arnold Palmer, Elvis Presley, Prince, David Bowie, Tom Petty, Elizabeth Taylor and other notables.    

Pablo / On exhibit: Celebrity portraits by Pablo Lobato

Pablo Lobato’s celebrity portraits are currently on exhibit in a solo show in Olavarría, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  “From a Different Angle,” features 20 celebrity portraits created by Pablo over the last decade. Pablo’s distinctive and graphic style has earned him an international reputation as an illustrator. He’s created portraits of the top names in the music industry: Madonna, […]

Pablo / A lexicon of great writers for Spiegel Literature

Pablo completed twelve illustrations for a lexicon of the greatest writers alive today for the October, 2017 edition of Spiegel Literature. Included are greats like Margaret Atwood, Leila Slimani, Salman Rushdie, Michel Houellebecq, among others. Pablo’s signature style is evident in the cover illustration of Canadian-born author Margaret Atwood, an illustration of Salman Rushdie in bow tie and dress […]

Pablo / Misstress Barbara: Portrait of a trailblazer

Pablo’s graphic illustration of the ever-popular and very hip Barbara Bonfiglio, better known as Misstress Barbara, producer, internationally-renowned DJ, and singer-songwriter uses bold visual elements to create a poster-like portrait of this sensational musical artist. Originally a drummer, the Italian-born Misstress Barbara, born in Catania, Italy, moved to Montreal, Canada at the age of eight and has […]

Pablo Illustrates Wonder Woman

New Illustration of Wonder Woman, just for fun

Pablo’s Character illustrations are featured in The Festival Parma 360

Pablos work is featured in “Lapis”, an exhibition in the second edition of the festival Parma 360

Illustrator Pablo, Some Personal Work

Portrait of Facundo Quiroga, one color personal work

Pablo Illustrates Prince for the Star Tribune

Portrait of Prince playing piano at his last concert

Illustrator Pablo / Forbes Magazine

Illustration of the 20 wealthiest Celebrities for Forbes Magazine

Illustrator Pablo / Rolling Stone Argentina

12 illustrations for the 2017 Rolling stone Argentina Calendar

Illustrator Pablo / Bilboard Magazine

Portraits of Kanye West, Radiohead, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé for Bilboard Magazine

Illustrator Pablo / People en Español

Portraits of Candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for People en Español

Illustrator Pablo / New Yorker

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

Illustrator Pablo / Village Voice

Alec baldwind and Steve Harvey for The Village Voice

Pablo / Illustrisimo

Pablo Will have a solo show of his work in the Illustri Festival in Vicenza, Italy

Student work based on Pablo’s illustrations

Students form Piotr Potworowski Art School in Poznań (Poland) did an exercise based around Pablo’s work. transforming his illustrations into three dimentions. These are some of the amazing results.

Entertainment Weekly

Pablo Did the opener of the music Section for Entertainment Weekly

Piracicaba Prize

Pablo’s portrait of Freddie Mercury won the prize from the City Council of Piracicaba in the 40º Salão Internacional de Humor de Piracicaba.

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