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Motion & Animation

Roberto Cigna / Beekeepers’ honey ranch

In Roberto Cigna’s illustration of bees and the flowers they pollinate, beekeepers ranch bees and stir the jar of golden honey these life-giving insects produce. Cigna draws attention to the important role bees play in our ecosystem.  He warns that bees pollinate one-third of everything we eat. The illustrator uses scale to represent how critical bees are to sustaining our food […]

Roberto Cigna / “Like” me

Roberto Cigna’s comment on the trend in social media to “Like” a post is pictured as a chef serving a bowl of ‘thumbs up’ symbols.  The illustration compares “Likes” to the new food for the ego. Instead of having ideas of our own, liking someone else’s idea provides ego gratification. The illustrator’s use of simple […]

Roberto Cigna / In the palm of your hand

In this illustration, a small piece of land literally sits in the palm of a hand. With a soft, limited palette and minimalist imagery, this drawing shows that the responsibility for our environment rests in our hands. The illustrator urges us to protect the beautiful world we inhabit. His powerful message is clear: It’s our home. Protect the […]

Illustrator Roberto Cigna / Can an artificial intelligence create art?

Robot uses deep learning and big data to write and play its own music in a lab at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Illustrator Roberto Cigna / Animals and the Circus

Animals are not an entertainment, let them out from the circus.

Smartphone as a filter/ A new illustration by Roberto Cigna /

Smartphone became a filter between the world and our brain.

Roberto Cigna’s Illustration / Read a book, let your soul fly!

Piece about the importance of reading books.

Illustrator Roberto Cigna / Adopt a healthy lifestyle!

An important data from the Global Health Observatory shows as 15% of women and 11% of men aged 18 and over are obese.

Illustrator Roberto Cigna / Burger Makers

Burger Makers is a personal piece

Illustrator Roberto Cigna / A book can lead us to new horizons

A book can lead us to new horizons, in a period like this culture could be the key to remind us how beauty can be the world!

Illustrator Roberto Cigna / Summertime mood

Summer is coming, this is my summertime mood! Personal piece

Illustrator Roberto Cigna / Oriental Atmosphere

“Oriental Atmosphere” is a personal piece

Illustrator Roberto Cigna / Will Mars be the next shot?

Stephen Hawking now says humanity has only about 100 years to escape planet Earth. Will Mars be the next shot?

Illustrator Roberto Cigna / SOS ARCTIC

SOS Arctic, the year 2016 ranks as the warmest on record.

Illustrator Roberto Cigna / The Woodcutter

The global tree count has fallen by 46% since the beginning of human civilization, let’s drop it. We need to plant not to cut.

Illustrator Roberto Cigna / Be careful what you eat

“Be careful what you eat if it’s about industrial food” is a personal piece.

Illustrator Roberto Cigna / Haircut War

“Haircut war” is a project about the worrying international situation between United States and North Korea.

Illustrator Roberto Cigna / Elephant Park

“Elephant Park” is a personal piece.

illustrator Roberto Cigna Roberto Cigna / Ball Pit Magazine interview

The interview for the web illustration magazine BallPit. If you wanna know something more about me and my work you can read here.

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