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Roberto Cigna / Affecting women’s rights

Roberto Cigna’s illustration on the cultural impact of the Taliban in Afghanistan in the 70s and its affect on women’s rights. The 20th century was marked by a steady progression of women’s rights in Afghanistan, until the 1970s, notes Cigna.  Then under Taliban rule, women had their rights rolled back. Under the Taliban, women and girls were discriminated […]

Roberto Cigna / When the price of a home is a secret

Roberto Cigna illustrated a story by Katherine Clarke for the The Wall Street Journal on home listings that read, “Price upon request.” The article explores the  dynamics of these listings. Houses listed without a price are harder to sell, especially in a crowded market, and often reflect a problem behind the scenes or a difficult seller. Cigna’s illustration […]

Roberto Cigna / All green energy by 2050

Roberto Cigna’s latest illustration on renewable energy is based on a new study that finds that economies of countries around the world could shift entirely to renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind and hydroelectric, by the year 2050. Cigna notes that according to Mark Z. Jacobson, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford and an […]

Roberto Cigna / The last polar bear may be a disguise

Roberto Cigna warns us that without greenhouse gas mitigation, the ice shelf will continue to melt. That means for an animal dependent on sea ice to survive, prospects are not good. Cigna quotes chief scientist, Dr. Steven C. Amstrup, “As the ice decline continues, the plight of the polar bear only can worsen.” In his pointed […]

Roberto Cigna / Be proud to be different

Roberto Cigna suggests, in his illustration of people walking each holding a balloon, that in a global world where everybody follows the same trends, eats the same things and wears the same clothes, the challenge is to be yourself; to show your own true colors. Cigna points to a quote by Steve Jobs, “You can’t ignore the […]

Roberto Cigna / Gender equality

Roberto Cigna suggests that women and men should not be identified just through the clothing they wear, the objects they use, the clichés that represent them or the social conventions that define gender. Cigna’s illustration of a man and a woman, naked on a seesaw, asks that we see each other as human: balanced and without […]

Roberto Cigna / Challenges women in business face

Roberto Cigna’s latest illustration on misogyny in business illustrates how hard it can be for a woman to have a career and promote a business in a world where misogyny toward women in business exists. A handshake between a man and a woman results into a cobra threatening a woman in Cigna’s depiction of the challenges […]

Roberto Cigna / “Culture house”

Roberto Cigna’s, “Culture house,” a house of books,  points to education as the most solid foundation we can build. His house, made from a stack of books, is entered only through a doorway that leads into a book. Europe currently has a school dropout rate of 10.7%. Cigna reminds youth that the only real way to be protected, […]

Roberto Cigna / The game of politics: Truth and lies

Roberto Cigna questions the game of politics which he characterizes as a perfect mix of truth and lies. Cigna asks if we should continue to believe the promises of politicians in his image of a politician with his hands in his pockets who’s growing a very long nose. The constituent to whom he’s speaking is holding a saw.

Roberto Cigna / Prisoner of consumerism

Roberto Cigna’s overturned shopping cart alongside a man dressed in prison attire symbolizes a distinguishing feature of today’s society: excessive consumerism. Cigna notes that to have has become more important than to be. His social issues illustration shows a man who has become a prisoner of his own wants and needs.

Roberto Cigna / The right to choose

Roberto Cigna touches on the intense debate over abortion in his recent illustration inspired by a March for Life. Cigna notes that while abortion is a delicate issue for any woman, every woman should have the right to choose. He recognizes that in a democracy, people also have the right to protest against it. The illustrator […]

Roberto Cigna / Simply Human

Roberto Cigna’s illustration of people simply being people whether they be gay, heterosexual, transgender, lesbian, bisexual, white or black. Cigna says we use so many words to define people, but basically we’re all the same: human beings.

Roberto Cigna / Let’s hide the problem

Roberto Cigna’s illustration of a man sweeping everything under the carpet is a comment on how society likes to pretend all is well while important issues such as what we’re doing to our planet, are swept out of sight. Cigna’s carpet has a map of the world imprinted on it to illustrate the impact this habit, of […]

Roberto Cigna / Child predators on the web

Roberto Cigna focuses on the issue of child predators on the web in his illustration of a bird of prey snatching a child’s kite. Cigna writes that the anonymity of the internet provides perfect camouflage for a seasoned predator to operate. A predator’s knowledge of teenage subjects and calculated ability to speak the online lingo of teens, provides an […]

Roberto Cigna / Exploitation of girls in Liberia

Roberto Cigna sheds light on a set of contradictions that puts girls in Liberia at risk. While it’s considered taboo to discuss sex with young girls in that country, the girls live in a society that accepts relationships between young women and much older men in positions of authority, such as teachers.  In Liberia, it’s common for […]

Roberto Cigna / Is social media the new religion?

Roberto Cigna questions whether social media has become the new religion in his illustration of Christ carrying a cross that’s shaped like Facebook’s logo. A defining phenomenon of the present times reshaping the world, is worldwide accessibility to the internet, according to Cigna. To illustrate the power of social networking: the number of worldwide users is expected […]

Roberto Cigna / Melting away

Roberto Cigna focuses on the dramatic rate Arctic ice is melting, and the “melting” of polar bears in his illustration of an ice pop shaped like a polar bear. Cigna reminds us that the melting of ice shelves in the Arctic isn’t just a local problem but a global one. Increasing global sea levels threaten […]

Roberto Cigna / Bad habits and the signs of aging

Roberto Cigna suggests that heavy drinking and smoking are linked to visible signs of aging in his illustration of a young man looking into mirror at an image of himself as an older man. Cigna refers to research published online in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health on smoking and drinking and the link to visible signs of […]

Roberto Cigna / Protecting data for Lexpert magazine

Roberto Cigna was asked by Lexpert magazine to illustrate an article for its November/December issue on how Europe’s general data protection regulation will become the new standard for Canadian companies. The article, by Brian Burton, suggests that major Canadian corporations will face new costs associated with the higher standards of privacy required when handling data. Cigna’s editorial illustration, of someone […]

Roberto Cigna / Violence against women and girls

Roberto Cigna highlights the fact that violence against women and girls is a grave violation of human rights in his powerful illustration of a woman dwarfed by the size of the man walking behind her. Cigna points to statistics that show estimates published by the World Health Organization indicating that roughly 35% of women worldwide have experienced […]

Roberto Cigna / On educating preschool teachers for The Washington Post

Roberto Cigna created an illustration for The Washington Post’s education issue on educational requirements for preschool teachers. The article, “Will a college degree lead to better, more respected, preschool teachers,” by Lia Kvatum, discusses the impact of having a college degree on pre-school teachers. Cigna’s illustration features a young teacher balancing the need to be attentive to her […]

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