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Stephanie Wunderlich / Instant gratification for Eltern

Stephanie Wunderlich illustrates a monthly column for Eltern, a German family and parenting magazine. Wunderlich’s illustration of a woman’s brain synapses lighting up when she thinks about shopping, appears in the latest issue of the magazine. Her editorial illustration is about the instant gratification we get when we shop.  

Stephanie Wunderlich / Busy wins “Best of the best”

Stephanie Wunderlich was awarded a juried prize by the 2017 Hiiibrand International Illustration Competition for her book project, Busy.  Wunderlich created 100 black-and-white illustrations showing busy people sealed off from the world around them and its distractions. Using bold graphic shapes and relevant detail, in a style all her own, Wunderlich created a thoughtful book of her editorial […]

Stephanie Wunderlich / Choosing the right candidate

Stephanie Wunderlich illustrated a double-page spread and a series of illustrations for Wirtschaftswoche on how to avoid choosing the wrong candidate for a managerial position. Wunderlich’s fun and colorful editorial illustration shows a job candidate on a treadmill with electrodes attached to his chest taking a “stress test” while two interviewers take notes on the prospective employee’s qualifications.    

Stephanie Wunderlich / Unity and loss

In this sensitive and poignant illustration of a family after the loss of a partner, the illustrator chose subtle color and a strongly-symbolic composition to convey the unity of a family and the financial impact after the death of a spouse.  The young family sits on a stack of paper money as coins drop to the ground. The […]

Stephanie Wunderlich / Just above the surface and “Yo future”

In case you aren’t familiar with The Spring Collective, they publish a magazine that I’ve been co-editor of for the past nine years on the environment and other people-friendly topics. The Collective just celebrated the release of its Spring issue, “Yo future.” My head’s above water in this illustration but what’s underneath could scare anyone. My story tells about […]

Illustrator Stephanie Wunderlich Wins Award of Merit for Study for ZEIT Newspaper

I won a Merit Award for a series of illustrations I did last year for the german newspaper ZEIT

Illustrator Stephanie Wunderlich / Chosen winner at American Illustration 36

The illustration”Hubbub” for the anthology “Constellations” by Studio Pilar was selected as Chosen winner by American Illustration 36

We’re thrilled to welcome Illustrator Stephanie Wunderlich to our gang!

Stephanie Wunderlich studied both at FH Augsburg and ISIA Urbino and graduated with a degree in communication design. Based in Hamburg/ Germany she works as a freelance illustrator for international magazines and publishers of books. Her favourite medium is paper collage. She creates her illustrations using digital as well as analog techniques (scissors and glue). […]