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Motion & Animation

Tina Zellmer / Summer internships for Tesla, Genetec and QVC

Tina Zellmer was commissioned to make illustrations for a double-page spread published in Lehigh University’s business magazine. The article Zellmer illustrated is about Lehigh University’s 1-MBA program. Zellmer shows students participating in summer internships at companies like Tesla, Genetec and QVC, the home shopping network. Overlaying color washes on 3-D line drawings, Zellmer created a complex, layered effect to match […]

Tina Zellmer / Calculating risk

Tina Zellmer created this illustration for a feature in The Actuary magazine, an insurance industry publication for people who calculate risk. The article, on chemical and biological terrorism and its role in property contamination, addresses insurance liability in the instance of an attack. Zellmer’s line drawing of a survivor in a gas mask on a background of collaged buildings amidst symbols of […]

Illustrator Tina Zellmer / Bright / doulas

An illustration by a fascinating story about abortion doulas in Arizona. Doulas, a non medicalized support through childbirth, provide help to women, also if they are seeking abortion.

Illustrator Tina Zellmer / Thomas Cook travel magazine / caribbean map

Thomas Cook travel magazine asked Tina Zellmer to create a map illustration about their caribbean cruise story, including the coastline of Orlando, and the islands of Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel (Mexico) – which are the destinations which they visited and stopped off at.

Illustrator Tina Zellmer / Bianca magazine / growing pleasure

Tina made two gardening illustrations for Tridels ‘Bianca magazine’. Tridel is offering suites with incredibly large terraces, which will be perfect for entertaining, relaxing, gardening or just enjoying the views.

Tina Zellmer / Header illustration for Signalwerk

Tina Zellmer was asked to do a website header-illustration. The client, ‘Signalwerk’, wanted symbols and elements without a specific meaning and without revealing too much of the content of the website /magazine in advance.

Tina Zellmer Illustrates cover of Pharmacy Practice

Tina Zellmer made the new cover and a little spot illustration for Pharmacy Practice. One of the features of the magazine is on the Pharmacist’s role for Zika prevention and awareness. The spot illustration is on the topic of diabetes.

Tina Zellmer / Bright Magazine – Big Data

This illustration by Tina Zellmer for ‘Bright’ is about how to ask the right question – teachers need a software program that can tame and shape data.

Illustrator Tina Zellmer / mavie magazine

11 things we love right now. How about some time with a nice cup of tea or spend some time with your grandparents again? An illustration piece for new years resolutions.

Illustrator Tina Zellmer / Autism and Technology – Bright magazine / Medium

“For nearly a decade, academics and others have said that technology could revolutionize the communication abilities of people on the autism spectrum. That hasn’t happened yet. Part of the reason is that the field is pretty niche. A number of well regarded app producers are small operations started by people who developed something to help […]

Illustrator Tina Zellmer / Diakonie Germany

Diakonie Deutschland is a non-profit social welfare organisation. Tina made touching images of this years christmas mailing.

Illustrator Tina Zellmer / ma vie

Tina Zellmer illustrated beautiful christmas postcards for ‘ma vie magazine’ in germany.

Illustrator Tina Zellmer / Rob Longstaff

Tina Zellmer is very proud to illustrate the new cd ‘footprints’ by singer-songwriter Rob Longstaff. Cool funky music, which you can find on

Illustrator Tina Zellmer / Möbel Martin

Möbel Martin, a german furniture company, is going BIG with their new teaser campaign. Special thanks also to the very nice team of VOON advertising agency.

illustrator Tina Zellmer / career possibilities

Tina made an illustration for an article, which deals with the possibilities to develop your career in a social profession.

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